Chapter 8

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Slowly Kid guided me towards the bed making me fall onto it as he climbed over top of me. His lips attacked my neck, leaving marks. He went lower pulling off my shirt so I was only in my white lace undies.

He smirked. "After today you can get rid of these."

I blushed.

He slowly took off my bra, finally seeing my breasts. He immediately took my erect bud into his mouth, swirling his tongue and occasionally nipping at it. His eyes on me watching every reaction. I moaned grabbing his hair, the pulling causing him to groan as well. He was torturous with my body, proving it was his alone. He went lower on my body kissing, removing his shirt. Slowly tantalizingly, lowering my underwear. When they were gone he sighed in content, staring me up and down.


He came up to my level sliding his hand down my body, he kissed me, wrapping his tongue with my own. His hand went between my legs teasing my opening.

"Kid, please don't tease me." I moaned.



"Do it."

I swallowed. "Please, I want you."

"What do you want me to do to you."

"Please~ I want you, to get my body ready for your giant cock. Oh please I need it~"

That was all he needed, he stuck in his middle finger, just that making me want to scream. Soon there was all just pleasure as he went in and out curling his finger. Then slowly adding another, that being his ring finger. Slowly he siccored me curling his fingers giving me imence pleasure. His thumb torturing my clit.

"Hah, Kid~"

He went faster, bringing me to the edge, but when I got too close, he pulled away. Lifting his fingers to his mouth and licking away at my juices. Then going down with his mouth when I was brought down from my high. He started to toy with me all over again. Sucking on my clit, going down to swirling his tongue around my opening. Plunging his tongue inside me, I moaned, loving the feeling of what he could do to me. I was pulled away from the edge once again, whimpering at the loss of his tongue. Only for him to take off his pants and crawl above me.

"Now its my turn. Are you ready?"

I could feel his hard on poking at me, it made me moan once again. I had to mentally prepare myself for the pain that was to come, before I finally spoke.

"I'm ready."

Slowly he pushed completely inside me. Tears fell from my eyes, it felt like I was being torn apart.

He groaned. "Holy shit, your so tight, it almost hurts."

I couldnt reply, I was in too much pain. It took almost half an hour for the pain to completely diminish into absolute pleasure. Kid noticed my change in expression and started rolling his hips.

"Oh god~" I moaned.

"God has nothing to do with it." He smirked.

The slow rhythm he was keeping faded as he moved faster groaning and moaning in my ear. I loved it, I loved every second of it.

"Oh Kid~ more~ it feels so good."

"Your so tight~ (Y,n)~"

He went rougher, Lifting my legs up so he could get deeper inside me.

"Holy fuck~ Kid~"

Faster, faster, harder, harder, he was relentless. Torturing my body with so much pleasure. By now I could no longer feel my body, just the pleasure in my lower region. Saliva drooled down my mouth as Kid kissed me, drowning out my moans but not by much. I was so loud and occupied, I couldn't hear my mom come home, and frankly I didn't give a shit.

"Fuck~ (Y,n), I'm gonna cum~"

"Oh yes give it to me please~ cum with me~ Oh Kid~"

"Say my name~"


"Louder! Let the world know who's fucking you!"

"Kid~ Kid~ Eustass fucking Kid~ ah~"

With one last call of each others name we both came. Kid let my legs down and toppled over beside me.

"Holy shit." He said.

"Are you still alive?" He asked after.

All I could do was hum, as I was still breathing incredibly hard.

"Can you walk?"

I shook my head no, cause honestly I was still numb. I doubt I could walk and I didn't want to try. So Kid stood up and picked me up with him, then he walked to the bathroom. He set me on the toilet while he started the bath. Then once it was done he sat me in it and got in behind me. He grabbed the soap and started to wash me. I felt something poke my butt.


I just giggled at Kid and slowly turned around. I wrapped my hand around his cock and stuffed my face in his neck Kissing, biting, and sucking leaving a mark on him just like he did me. I stroked his massive cock, slowly at first, then picking up speed.


I went faster gripping a little harder, the water restricting my speed a little though. I removed my mouth from his neck happy with my mark. I kissed him shoving my tongue into his mouth. He pulled away soon after though breathing hard.

"I'm gonna cum~"

As soon as he said that I held my breath and went under the water. Just in time too, as he came I swallowed it all. Then I went back above water to see Kid smirking.

"So your a swallower?"

"Well was I supposed to let you turn the bath white?"

He chuckled. We washed up and then got out. Going to bed and cuddling ourselves to sleep....

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