dating them would include

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-hugs all the time
-sings to you whenever she can
-invites you to all the concerts she can
-doing covers together
-and later posting them on Instagram
-everyone loves you
-wearing eachothers clothes

-a lot of hugs
-him taking you to cute dates
-spoils you
-tells you he loves you everyday
-forehead kisses
-him being the big spoon
-him always bragging to the others about how amazing amd beautiful you are

-he always calls you to make sure you're ok
-kisses kisses kisses and more kisses
-he never wants to stop cuddling
-brings you food
-he lets you wear his hoddies
-waves to you on stage
-him saying "hey y/n if you're watching this i just want you to know that i love you" in like every interview

-sends memes to you at 3 am
-making funny videos together
-sings to you while you're sleeping
-he always plays with your hair
-since he's so tall he rests his head on yours
-he always sends you random messages
-buys you food whenever you're hungry
-walking around Vancouver together
-listening to music with him and dancing crazy

───── {.⋅ ♫ ⋅.} ─────

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