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Maddox's P.O.V.

"Come on, idiot, move out the way. " I yell from inside my car to the car in front. Can the person in front be any slower?

I can't believe I'm running late. First report cards and I'm already looking like the most irresponsible person in the world. Looking at the fact I fit between the car in front of me and one that was parked, I swerve slightly my car right and pass the person in front of me.

Finally arriving at the middle school ten minutes later, I park my car and turn it off before closing the door and running up to the classroom Ruby gave me. Security lets me in without checking my ID due to them already knowing me to which I'm grateful for. The last thing I need is to be later than I already am.

"Are you sure your dad is coming, Ruby?" I hear as I approach the classroom.

"Yes, my daddy promised." Entering the class, I see my baby stacking some papers beside the teacher's desk.

"Look, is that your big brother they sent?" Ruby turns to me, her smile growing as she runs to me and jumps up for me to carry her.

"Daddy, you made it!" The young looking teacher looks at me weirdly and back at Ruby.

"This is your dad?" He asks Ruby. I didn't take it offensively because I have gotten that before.

"Yes, I am." I reply clearing it out for him.

"Oh, sorry, you just look really young to be Ruby's dad. I'm Joe Powell." He says introducing himself. He stretches his arm to shake hands and I follow.

"I get that a lot, don't worry. I'm Maddox Morrison. Nice to meet you and I'm sorry I'm late." He nods smiling at me.

"It's okay. Well-" He clears his throat after staring at me before glancing away shyly and then back again at me.

"Grades." I say when I see him stuck.

"Grades, right." He chuckles awkwardly before sitting on his chair and finding my daughter's grades. He tells me to take a seat which I do while Ruby finished what she was previously doing.

He goes quickly through Ruby's grade telling me she's been a really great student and doing great in tests. She completes all her homework and all around is a sweet girl who stays to herself most of the time. Her only problem was that she was really shy and didn't want to participate in group projects or speak when he asked her a question which could harm her grades.

"She's always been like that. I'll try talking to her about that again."

"That would be great. Can you please sign here." I do and then get up.

"Ruby, grab your stuff so that we can leave." I say then turn to her teacher.

"Thank you, and sorry again for arriving late."

"No worries." He says smiling. Such a gorgeous smile he has. 

"Well, I'll go now. Thanks again." He nods and watches as we leave his classroom.

"How was your day?" I ask Ruby when we start walking to the school's exit.

"Fun. Mr. Powell gave us brownies and we watched an animal movie." She says excitedly.

"Sounds like fun." Opening the back door to my car when we get to my car, I let Ruby into the back before closing the door and put her seat belt on.

Intrigued by the cute, young teacher, I look back to the classrooms' window to see if I could see the teacher. I see my daughter's teacher by the window watching us. I wave and smile catching him by surprise and then getting into my car and driving away.

"He's new right?" I ask Rubes.

"Yes, the first year in our school." She says. I realized it was. I have never seen him before. He looks around my age, too, which is twenty-five. He's probably older, just looks younger.

"How was work, daddy?"

"Good. What do you want to eat today?" I ask her looking through my rear view mirror.

"I want a happy meal." I nod and look for the closest McDonald. When I do see one, I quickly order her a meal and order myself something as well.

I drive to my house and help Rubes with her belongings before asking her to open the door for the both of us.

"Daddy, what did you get me for Christmas?" I lift my brow at her.

"You have a few days until Christmas. I'm not telling you." She groans which makes me laugh.

"Dad, I don't want to wait."

"It's life, Rubes." I say while walking to the sink to wash my hands. I call Rubes so she could do the same and then we both sit and have dinner.

"Your teacher said you need to participate more and talk when you're in groups." She looks at me and back down at her fries.

"What's wrong baby?"

"The kids are mean. They said I don't have a mom. That she didn't love me so she left me and died." Softly touching her hair, I lean in and kiss her temple.

"Don't listen to them, baby. They don't know what they are talking about."

"But I don't have a mom, dad."

"You don't need a mom, baby. You have me and if you want to know more about your mom, I will tell you, just not right now, okay? You're a baby, my baby and I don't want it to overwhelm you when you are a kid still. I promise you I will tell you. I will, it's just not the right time." She looks at me and nods her head.

"Okay, daddy. I trust you." I smile at her and am super glad she is okay with it.

So, another story, like I don't have enough already, right? Anyways, a new story which will not be updated until I finish like two of my current stories. I just wanted to get you all interested. Let me know what you think of this first chapter. What do you think will happen in this story? What would you like to see? 

I took one of the suggested name(So, thank you), Maddox, because that name is sexy. Lol. And because I had wanted to use it in a future story aka as now. 

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