I Give So Much

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I give so much
To the ones who need
I give, so, much
To the ones who need to be happy again
I give-so- much
But once someone else comes
To help them

Everything I did
Everything I gave
Is left in the dust
Like everything I did
Doesn't matter
Like everything I did
Was worthless

Like I am forgotten
Like I don't matter
Like I am worthless

I know it shouldn't matter if I get the credit I should get
But something inside me
Wants it
I deserve it

But if I start thinking that way
I will be the one who needs
I will be the one who needs to be happy again

So I pretend it doesn't bother me
That I am forgotten to people
That I don't matter to people
That I am worthless to people

I give so much
I need to stop giving so much

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