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My name is Ciel Thomson, I was 15 years old when I started these records, usually I would curse my sister for overspending on school notebooks but this is a time, where this is perfect. When I transferred to my new school, I met a girl, her name was Erin MacCool-Bulan, I knew she wasn't normal, and I learned the hard way that she wasn't even human, she was a godling.

You might be wondering what that is, but don't worry, in later entries, I will explain. As I followed her around as she pulled random antics, I learned more and more about what a godling is, along with the monsters they often fought, and when she wasn't looking I wrote them down. When Erin found out, she was pissed and almost threw me into the Pacific Ocean, but she thought about it. She made me promise to not release this information, unless "Some dumbass exposes our world".

So if you're reading this, then that day has arrived.

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