21. Dangerously Impulsive

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First thing what Trisha did when she woke up was puking her guts out. She has felt hangover after drinking, this was ten times worse. Her muscles were sore and pain shot through her as she moved her arm. She bit back a scream as she saw a tattoo inked on her. It was not paining that much more like an itch and slight ache but it wasn't healed a bit and was surrounded by an uneasy redness.

She had to blink multiple times to clear her vision and get down from the bed. As soon as she set her feet on the ground she felt the world spin around her and she gripped the end of the bed to stay on her feet. And then the next instant all this was gone.

She almost fell like she could tear through the door in front of her.

"Trisha is awake." A familiar voice called out and for a moment she grimaced.

She was dreaming because it sounded like her mother's voice.

Tears formed in her eyes on wishing this was real and not some kind of fake dream. And as if someone was listening to her prayers the surroundings settled in and she realized this was not a dream. She was in her room, at her house. The door opened and following her mother, her brother, father, Sage, and Killian came in.

"Where am I?" She asked worried that this was all unreal because no way she will be back.

"Home."Her father said and pulled her in a hug.

She didn't even know when it happened but a tear dropped down from her eyes. She was crying.

Her father has aged more than he should, her mother looked thin and pale. Her brother, on the other hand, looked buff, he was not the geeky brother with glasses and lanky frame. He has toughened up and his eyes looked sad even though he was smiling. His had a stubble on his face and he looked tired.

"Ryan." She said looking at her brother like she wanted to let him know that she was fine but she didn't because Ryan just nodded like he understood.

"What happened?" She asked everyone present in general.

Sage and Killian took turns to how they escaped and how Ryan helped them enter the city. Ryan had been part of the search team for anyone trying to rebel after the video Trisha revealed. He had pretended to hate the sister he loved more than anything in this world.

"So I am really home?" She confirmed once again not believing this was true.

"But doesn't that put all of you at risk?" She asked her father.

He eyes were red and puffy from all the crying he must have done.

"We don't really care." Her mother said with a trembling voice.

And Trisha noticed she had severe injury marks on her body.

"Who did this?" She immediately got up filled with anger.

For a moment all our family seemed surprised.

"Calm down. We will handle one problem at a time." Killian suggested.

"That is your way, not mine." She said glaring at him.

"Trisha?" Ryan asked in a surprised whisper.

"Yes." She said looking like nothing was out of place.

But everyone else can notice the obvious change in Trisha.

The fearless tattoo was gradually settling in which also took away her fear of coming out rude to anyone. 

"Ryan, where is my nerdy brother?" She teased with a smile.

"His sister left and he had to deal with the after effect." He said with a sad smile.

"What are we going to do?" Trisha's father asked.

"We are gonna hit the core spot of this city," Trisha said and her family looked slightly wary of this new Trisha.

She was never one to take charge and make impulsive decisions.

"Where?" Sage, it seems had grown accustomed to her new attitude.

"The hospital and lab where they store all the collected DNA samples that are too be matched." She smirked at her ingenious plan not realizing that this was reckless as hell.


Trisha laughed more now that she had no fear she was mostly positive. But it felt unsettling for Ryan to see her this way.

"What is wrong?"She asked Ryan who looked at the computer screen with a frown.

"You have changed." He said and looked at the sister he missed all these times.

"So have you." She said and that hit the spot.

She was right. The situation changed him but she was altered due to whole other reason.

"We don't have time for these minor matters Ryan. There is a plague virus coming at us soon and we don't know how to stop it."

Ryan was taken aback yet again at her crystal clear opinion. 

"Then why are we attacking the lab?" He asked.

"Because we are uprooting insanity from its core." Anger surged in her tone.

Ryan sighed.

"I can get you to the gate but that is as far as I can go." He said hoping somehow Trisha will be sensible careful Trisha again and stop all this.

He didn't say it out loud but he just got her back and didn't want to lose his little sister again.

"Don't worry. That's where Killian's entry card to his dad's office will help." She said with a calm smile.

"Are you not worried what will happen when you are caught?" Ryan asked in an agitated tone.

"Not really. We will not be caught, just relax Ryan." She said which was not sane in any scenario.

She was a rebel in the eyes of every part of the world, she was being hunted now and might be killed if she makes a small mistake. She was number one on wanted list but she was expecting Ryan to relax. It only made him angry but he just nodded. It was not Trisha's fault. 

No one in their right mind would openly and brazenly go against power and authority. Everyone feared to lose their lives or the life of someone they cared about. Right now Trisha had no fear and that made her slightly dangerous.

"I got the keycard," Killian said as he entered the room dripping in sweat.

"Sage?"" She asked not even bothering to ask why right then.

"He and Ryan are getting the weapons." 

She smirked and got up feeling adrenaline rush through her.

"Let's do this."


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Is Trisha making the right choice? 

Share your thoughts! :)  And mind you fearless is not the only change in her ;) Wait for it


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