Chapter 1: Reincarnating Back in Time (1)

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Author's Note:

This story had been heavily influenced by The Reborn Otaku's Code of Practice For the Apocalypse and Beloved Marriage in High Society (more towards the former than the latter) and I wanted to make something similar in a certain direction. There are very few bl zombie apocalypse stories on Wattpad, so this should be fun to read (and for me to write lol). 

Unfortunately (maybe for some of you), this was supposed to be a fast-paced story. By no means am I going to skimp on the details (I couldn't even if I tried), but time should be moving faster and I plan on creating a few short time-skips here and there.

As you had probably read in the synopsis, this is technically a harem but the mc will be with only one person in the end.

Also, I would like to say that the cover picture does not belong to me (but it's, like, my most favorite cover picture ever). 


Before he knew it, he found himself alone.

Hungry, weak, lost, and muddle-minded, Zhang Jian walked miles through the streets of H City, baffled by the fact that he was still walking. Or breathing. Or even relatively alive.

Zombies had completely overrun the SouthEast Base of H City and it was disastrous enough that not even the VIPs were able to escape from the tragedy, despite their importance and military protection. But the fact that anyone had actually survived the siege, which consisted of several level-five zombies, dozens of level-four zombies, numerous level-three zombies and countless level-two and one zombies, would have been more shocking itself.

So many good officers and ability-users had perished, all more talented and useful than ordinary and ability-less Zhang Jian, but he somehow survived and escaped the massacre and found himself thrust into the concrete wilderness of H City.

He survived... but Zhang Jian doubted it would be for long.

He was an insignificant corporal among many other soldiers with no powers or abilities, or even a great golden thigh to hug. Not that he would be comfortable hugging anyone's thigh-- the apocalypse didn't allow trust to be formed easily. The only truly reliable figures were those in the army and even then, the soldiers were only human, but the best, most righteous individuals that Zhang Jian had ever met were in the army. He didn't exactly know why-- maybe because of the military's strict commanding requirements?

Either way, the fact that he was able to walk as far as he did without some raiders or even a zombie in sight was miraculous. The fact that he survived so long -for almost twenty years if he was really paying attention to the passage of time- in the apocalypse despite his normalcy was also a miracle itself. But it seemed that his luck was finally going to end.

Faintly, he could hear the groans of nearby zombies and it echoes in the empty streets that were without life, but his own. Coupled along with the groans were the sounds of claws dragging against the concrete; it was a very specific kind of sound that only someone who lived in the apocalypse for a long time would know and Zhang Jian couldn't mistake it for anything else.

Automatically, he concluded that a level-two zombie was near and so was his eventual death.

Level-two zombies were faster than level-ones. Unlike level-ones, they have a keen sense of hearing along with their ability to smell human blood like a shark sensing its prey in an open ocean and were also several times stronger. These type of zombies had mutated to the point that their arms and legs had elongated and their fingers and toes had turned into scythe-like weapons. They also had a jaw full of sharp teeth that could easily bite through flesh and someone Zhang Jian once knew compared them to a creature of legend called the Wendigo.

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