Chapter 7; True Feelings

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Recap; Olivia got up from her bed and went downstairs. "Hello." She said as she walked downstairs to see Michael on the couch alone. "Where is my mother?" She asked. "She said she was going to run a few errands and said I was welcomed to stay. She also didn't think it was a good idea to leave you alone right now." Michael replied. "I guess that's good because I've got something to tell you." She replied. Michael gave her a puzzled look. Olivia made her way over to the couch to join Michael. "Triniti texted me. She isn't close to the other girls. She said she may know a way to help us get out of this mess. I actually told her to come over." Olivia said. Before Michael could reply, Triniti was knocking on the door. Olivia quickly got up and answered. "Hey, Trin." She greeted her. Triniti walked inside and saw a blushing Mr. Jackson sitting on the couch. "Hello, Mr. Jackson." She said. "Hello, Triniti." He replied. . .

Triniti walked inside the house as Olivia welcomed her to sit on the couch. She closed the door and joined both Triniti and Michael on the couch. "So, forgive me for not fully trusting you right away, but can you explain why you even hang with them?" Olivia asked. "I only hang with them when they ask me, I don't go out of my way. They rarely even ask since they are upset that I actually hang out with everyone. Including people they find lame." Triniti answered. "So, if you don't have any beef with them, why are you helping me out?" Olivia questioned. "We don't get a lot of new students, they are only doing this to you because they haven't had the chance with anyone new since 8th grade. 4 years ago. They made that girl move. I don't want to see that happen again. I refuse to just stand by this time. They need to learn." Triniti answered. "Oh, wow. Alright. So what are we going to do?" Olivia asked. Michael stayed silent and just listened to them talk. "I hate to say it, but I think we're going to have to fight fire with fire. I can't give you any old dirt because theres no proof so I will have to be fake to them I guess. Find out some stuff. Get some info so we can use it against them." Triniti admitted. "I don't like the idea of anyone getting hurt, can we play nice?" Michael asked. "Mr. Jackson, we might not have to use any info. We just have to gather it and threaten them. I would rather handle this peacefully as well." Triniti said. The room grew quiet for a moment. Triniti's phone went off interrupting the silence. It was a text from Ebony. "Ebony just texted me."

Ebony: Girl. Wtf you doin at Olivia's house?

Triniti: She asked me to come over. Trust me, this is not a friendly visit. I'm actually about to leave. Probably gonna come over there.

Ebony: I thought you lost your mind. You can come here. See you soon. xx

Triniti showed Olivia the messages. "I have to be fake. From here on out, our friendship is over as far as they are concerned. But I will definitely get you something to work with. Don't worry Liv, okay? I'll text you tonight." Triniti said as she got up and left the house. Michael looked over at Liv and sighed. "I'm really sorry Liv. I shouldn't have kissed you." Michael admitted. "Why did you?" She asked. "Well, to be quite honest. I'm very lonely. I work, and come home just to talk to my house maid. I have a hobby which is writing music, but it's to block out all the negative thoughts. You're the first real friend I've had and I guess I let my true feelings show that night." He admitted. "What do you mean true feelings, Michael?" She asked. "I don't even know, Liv. Everytime I'm with you, I can just be myself. You make me happy. I know I've only known you for like a week. I know you're my student. I've never felt this way before." He shyly admitted. Olivia felt a smile begin to form and began blushing. "You're still my best friend. I like you the same way. But we can't risk it. Let's just be friends. Okay?" Olivia said. Michael nodded in agreement. "So, do you want to watch a movie?" Olivia asked. "How about, a disney movie? Peterpan?" She asked. Michael's eyes immediately lit up. "Yes, please! I love that movie." Michael agreed. Olivia smiled and put the movie on. She got up and went to the kitchen. She made some popcorn and returned to the living room with Michael. She also grabbed a blanket and sat directly next to Michael.
As the movie was playing, it was about 45 minutes in now, Olivia began to doze off. She hadn't gotten enough sleep and was exhausted. Before she knew it, she was laying in Michael's lap fast asleep. Michael was startled. He looked in his lap to see Olivia asleep. He moved her hair from her face and covered her more with the blankets. She's so beautiful, He thought to himself. He continued to watch the movie as she took a nap in his lap. As he watched it he hadn't heard a car door shut an alarm go off outside the house. It was Olivia's mother.
She walked inside and saw Olivia in Michael's lap. He looked over to her and his eyes widened. "Oh, Rosie. Hi." He quickly spat out. "Aww, is she okay?" She asked, not thinking about Olivia laying in her teachers lap. "I calmed her down. Triniti actually stopped by." He said. "Oh, how did that go? Also, come in the kitchen so we don't wake her. I'll make some tea." Rosie said. Michael slowly moved from under Olivia and joined Rosie in the kitchen. "It went well, Triniti is actually a good friend. She isn't like the other girls." He admitted. Rosie gave Michael a cup of tea and sat down. "That's good." She responded. Oliva began to wake up. She stood up and rubbed her eyes. "Michael?" She called out. "We're in here, sweetheart." Her mother responded. She made her way into the kitchen. "Hey sleepy head." Her mother said. "I'm about to make dinner." She said. She began cooking the mashed potatoes, corn, and fried chicken. "I think I'll go get changed for dinner." Olivia said as she left to go upstairs. Rosie looked over to Michael. "She calls you by your first name?" She asked. "Oh, I told her I don't mind if she does seeing as though she is working for me. She's really a pleasure to be around." He admitted. Rosie smiled. "So anyway Michael, how old are you?" She questioned. "25." He answered. "Oh, you're young." She answered. Olivia came back downstairs wearing a long red casual dress with pearl earrings. Michael tried not to stare because her mother was right there. "You look beautiful honey. Dinner will be done in 15 minutes." Her mother said.
The 15 minutes quickly passed and they all sat down to eat dinner. Once they finished, Olivia grabbed everyones doshes and rinsed them off. "Well, it's getting late. I should get going. But thank you for the dinner." Michael said as he got up and left Olivia's house. Olivia went in to the living room and sat on the couch. She wrapped herself in the blanket and texted Triniti.

Olivia: Trinnnnnn, wyd girl?

Triniti: just about to leave Eb's house, hby?

Olivia: Michael just left. We're friends right? I can tell you anything?

Triniti: You trust people pretty easily don't you? Lol, just kidding. What's up, Liv?

Olivia: When you left, Michael apologized for kissing me. He admitted to having feelings for me.

Triniti: Wtf!? What did you say? Please tell me you didn't kiss him again???

Olivia: Lol, girl. No. But I told him I felt the same way. He's so cute. I do like him. But I know we can't be together.

Triniti: I see it girl, he is fiiiiine. But you're right. Do you even think it's a good idea to keep working for him?

Olivia: I want to see him. Nothing will happen. We already have a mess to get out of.

Triniti: Girl, keep that thought at the back of your head. If you get yourself deeper I don't know what we can do. I still think you shouldn't be working for him.

Olivia: Let's just see how tomorrow goes. Did you get anything tonight?

Triniti: They were just plotting on you. They want to tell your mother first.

Olivia: wtf. Why do they hate me?

Triniti: Girl, they're dumb. Don't worry though. Nothing to work with tonight but we will see as time goes on. Be safe tomorrow. I'm gonna text your fast ass the whole time. Lol goodnight Liv.

Olivia: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Lol goodnight Trin.

Olivia laughed to herself. She went up to her room and laid in her bed. She plugged her phone in and continued to lay there. As she began dozing off, her phone chimed. She looked at the name which read, Michael.

Michael: Liv... I .. nevermind. Goodnight.

Olivia: What is it, Michael?

Michael: I can't wait to see what you're going to make for me tomorrow.

Olivia read the message and put her phone back down. She was exhausted. She quickly fell asleep. . .

A/N: I'm not gonna lie, this chapter is bad. Lol in my opinion it is anyway. But I'm going to try to make it better in the next one. I am sorry lmfao! Have a good day/night readers

- Bria ♡

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