day two, four pm.

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i eyed my phone once more. the series of missed calls from the same number were starting to become too much to handle. i knew they cared about me. i knew it hurt them that i had made this decision.

but they didn't know how it felt to lose everything.

ever since i had decided to go on what surely be a suicide mission, namjoon had been the first to know. being the older brother figure that he was, he had been quick to try to stop me from doing it, which had been why i had chosen to come to this motel in the first place.

i owed him and the five other guys a lot. i owed them for taking me in when my very house had burned down to the ground. i owed them for trying to pick up the pieces of what was left of my soul. even if they had been unsuccessful at that.

but i couldn't be thinking about them if i wanted to finish this mission successfully. i had to be completely selfish, even if that saved me a special spot in hell.

i turned off my phone before shoving it under the bed, as if ignoring everything was going to help. i had something else that i needed to take care of, before i executed my plan for the third night.


it had taken me a while to realize that the best way to deal with her would be to gain her trust. she seemed to believe my hunting story enough, and that gave me an advantage. she would now believe that i wasn't half as insane as i really was.

gaining her trust would take me a bit of patience and time. and what better way to seem normal than to make do on taking her out for coffee?

pulling my jacket over my shoulders, i slowly drag my feet out of the room and downstairs, where i know she'll be. my face twists up in a perfectly practiced grin as i see her standing behind the counter, talking to a guest who seemed to be leaving.

she must have said something funny, because miyeon's nose crinkled up as her chest lifted slightly, letting out a heartedly laugh. i froze in my spot, watching her.

ever since i had lost the love of my life in the attack, i had never managed to look at any other girl. they simply didn't interest me, and i thought forgetting about my wife wouldn't be something that i would need to happen. i was fine loving her, even if i couldn't see her anymore.

but now, looking at her made my heart skip a beat. i hoped my wife would forgive me, but i had never seen anyone as beautiful as her. her delicate fingers tapped on the keyboard, possibly signing the guest off, the biggest smile i had ever seen on her lips.

and it haunted me just how much i wished i could press my own into hers.

taking a few steps closer, i watched as the other woman left through the doors, standing in front of the counter as miyeon bent down to pick something up.

when she stood up again, her eyes landed on mine and she let out a small shriek, jumping slightly with her hand on her chest.

"baby jesus, you scared me," she whined, clearing her throat and composing herself. "i-i mean, is there anything i can do for you?"

her words made me chuckle. it was almost too cute how embarrassed she looked, hands trembling slightly and red painting her cheeks.

"when does your shift end?" i asked.

"my shift?" she furrowed her eyebrows. "why would you want to know?"

"because i intend on going through with the coffee thing," i raised my eyebrows suggestively. "i was hoping you did too."

she shifted slightly, hand rubbing the back of her neck before she looked at me again. "you're serious?"

"of course," i chuckled. "but you'd have to pick a place. i'm not that familiar with the area."

she seemed to be in deep thought for a second, eyes travelling to mine so she could hold my gaze. "i could say yes... but on one condition."

i leaned forward slightly, intrigued. "what would that be?"

"that you tell me things about yourself," she placed her hands on the counter, seemingly more confident in her request. "i'm tired of having to make assumptions."

"you make a lot of assumptions about me?" i arched my eyebrow. "i mean, besides from me being a killer and all."

she waved her hand in the air, as if she wanted me to not speak about it. i didn't know what other assumptions she had made about me, but if she was lucky, they might've been as right as that one.

"not a lot, i just... i'm good at reading people, you know? it's kind of a natural thing for me," she muttered, eyes back on the computer.

"tell you what,"i licked my lips, hands folding over the counter. "you tell me everything you think you know about me, and i'll tell you if you're right or not."

her lips filled with a smile as she slowly nodded. "fine, you have a deal. i get off at six, and then we can go to pop's."

"deal," i nodded, eyeing her one last time before walking back to my room.

and suddenly, i too was interested in knowing more about her.

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