Three. Two. One- Launch

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When Nigel asked to see him, he already knew that she had given a bad part to Abby, after all he had secured the good and working regulator months ago, almost as soon as he was woken up by Clarke just for this moment. He walked in and saw his mother talking about their ancestors and the small tree and when she looked at him she smiled, he gave her another one in return and watched her for a while before he reminded himself on why he was here and went to the woman who was waiting for him. The guy she was with left immediately.

“Your mother is inspired today, Marcus. I remember when you were the tender of the tree. You were a cute kid.” She said as he sat down in front of her, looked at the boy with his mother and turned to her again. “Watch your tone and your words while talking about my mother, Nigel.” He said firmly and she looked at him. “Why did you bring me down here? What do you want?” he asked although he already knew very well what she wanted with him. Too bad for her, he was not the same person he once was.

“It’s about what you want. I have something for you.” She said smirking at him thinking she got the upper hand. “Unless it’s a signed confession, I am not interested.” He said to her playing her game. “Not even if it involves your friend Abby Griffin?” she asked and he stared at her. “What about Abby?” he asked her. “She and a girl named Raven Reyes asked me to get them a pressure regulator. As a lowly culinary tech, I didn’t feel like I had the choice when one of your fellow councilors asked me to help her break the law.” She said smirking and he stood up.

“There is only one problem, Nigel.” He said to her and she looked at him. “What?” she asked him and he smirked. “The Chancellor approved of what they are doing which means Abby and Raven didn’t break the law but you did.” He said and her face changed as he said that and as she saw the guards coming her way. “I got you as I always said I would, Nigel.” He said smirking at her and walked away as he heard the guards arresting her and he moved towards his quarters and once he got in, he grabbed the bag with the regulator and went on his way to Mecha Station, it was time.

Meanwhile on the ground, it was dark already and everyone was around the fire, eating and enjoying the night after a hard day at work and Clarke was resting against the metal of the dropship with her eyes closed but with her other senses on high alert and they started beeping which allowed her to know that someone was coming towards her. “Tired?” she heard Finn’s voice and opened her eyes to look at him. “Yes, a little.” She said and he sat down by her side, a little too close to her liking, she thought as she looked at everything they had built already.

Last time, Clarke had not helped much with building the wall even because she had spent most part of this day helping Charlotte run away from Murphy along with Finn but this time around she made sure to contribute with her work as well. She helped wherever she could and in any way she was needed. Mostly she worked along with Charlotte helping the girl with what she couldn’t do as well as playing around. Every once in a while, someone would come to her to ask for her help with something an injury or they would simply ask for advice and she would do it gladly, happy that things were going well.

Even Bellamy came to ask her for help during the day. She had been working on the wall when he came to her side and coughed, catching her attention, she stopped what she was doing and turned to look at him. “Yes?” She asked him and he looked at her. “I was thinking that we should make a better schedule for the patrols.” He said and she turned to face him fully. “Why you say that? Isn’t the one made working?” She asked curious and he shook his head. “The southern wall had no one there because Drew and Matt didn’t know whose turn it was so none of them went. I think just letting them know by themselves can get them to forget.” He said and she nodded at him.

“You’re right. And with the grounders out there, we can’t leave anywhere without at least someone watching.” She said agreeing with him and he nodded his head. “So I was wondering if you could maybe come up with a better schedule so that this will not happen again. Is there somewhere you can write it down maybe? I don’t know.” He said and she seemed to think for a few seconds before she looked back at him. “Can you gather everyone? I had an idea.” She said and he nodded before he moved calling out for everyone to stop what they were doing and to gather around. Even those who were in the dropship and in patrol had to come and join them. Clarke got a stoop and stood up on it as all eyes were upon her.

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