Six. Five. Four

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Abby and Jake walked through the Ark holding each other’s hand praying that their daughter was okay. Like Jake said, she had to be. They couldn’t have lost her, their baby girl. Clarke was one of the strongest people they knew, she had to be okay. There was no other choice. So with that in mind, they quickly went to Mecha Station and to where Raven was working on the pod. “How fast can you get this thing ready to drop?” Abby said as soon as they got inside the room and Raven continued working before looking at them. “Well, I am still trying to scrap parts to fabricate a pressure regulator, the one you gave me didn’t work and the other was a bad one. We had two more days, right?” she said to them and they looked at each other.

“Can we launch without that part?” Abby asked them and Jake shook his head. “No, we can’t Abby. Without it, Raven dies before she even gets to the ground.” He said to her sighing and Raven nodded before continuing her work. “And we don’t want that to happen to beautiful and genius Raven.” The girl said trying to make a joke and the man gave her a small smile for the try. “Has something changed?” she asked them and he sighed nodding. “Clarke’s wristband signal went out,” Abby answered and Raven pulled back from what she was working and looked at them. “That doesn’t mean anything, right? She took it off like the rest of them.” She said trying to convince herself her friend was okay.

“That is what we are hoping for but we need you to get to the ground fast. I will help you, maybe between the two of us we can build the regulator and you can go down today.” Jake said and was about to take his jacket off to start helping her when there was a sound on the speakers and they paid attention to it. “Engineer Jake Griffin, you’re needed in Agro Station immediately. Engineer Jake Griffin, you’re needed in Agro Station immediately.” He sighed shaking his head and Raven looked at them. “I need to go. Raven, see what you can do.” He said giving Abby a kiss and went out of the room running.

Abby turned to the girl and by the look on her face Raven knew it was bad, really bad so she nodded at her with a determinate loon on her face. “Okay, I can get a pressure regulator. Today.” Raven said grabbing her jacket from where it was inside the pod and moving towards Abby and the exit. “How?” the woman asked her and she took a deep breath before shaking her head at the older woman. “The less you know, the better.” She said and moved past her and out of the place as Abby looked at the pod and her thoughts went to her daughter.

Back in camp, Clarke followed Octavia and Jasper out and she saw that the girl was trying to get to him to overcome his fear as she did before and she remembered that that was how they found Wells’ fingers and Murphy’s knife around here somewhere. “Octavia. Don’t.” She called out. “What? I’m trying to help him.” The girl said to her and Clarke nodded. “I know but not like this,” She said and came to Jasper’s side and hugged him. “You don’t have to be out here if you don’t feel ready for it. What you went through would make anyone scared and fear is not a weakness.” She said softly to him as Octavia joined them.

“Shouldn’t he be trying to overcome it?” the younger Blake asked and Clarke shook her head. “Not now, there is no time limit for him to recover. He will do it on his own way and only when he is ready for it. Neither we nor he can force himself before that.” She said to the girl and looked at him. “No one is going to judge you for being afraid. Everyone is,” She said and he looked at her with tears on his eyes. “You’re not,” He said and she chuckled. “Oh, Jasper. No one is as scared as am I, not even you. I am pissing my pants every second we’re here. I am terrified about every single thing you could possibly think off.” She said and he chuckled at her.

“I am super scared. I am terrified and if I could, I would stay inside the dropship and probably never come out with how scared I am. Everyone inside is also scared, Octavia is scared,” She said looking at the girl who nodded. “Shitting my pants,” She said to him following Clarke’s lead before Jasper looked back at Clarke. “But if you haven’t noticed, those people inside are a bunch of idiots who need me to help them and I have a very bad record of always helping people without thinking and believe me, it doesn’t always work out well for me but it’s genetic, you see my father is the same. So despite my fear, I put on a brave face because I have to for them but you don’t have to do it.” She said to him.

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