Ten. Nine. Eight

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A week later, Clarke found herself once again standing in front of the graves and as she looked at it, she couldn’t help but be glad that there was only two where once before there were four and one of them was Wells’. He didn’t die. Charlotte didn’t kill him trying to slay her demons, which was his father, Jaha. Wells was still alive and relaxed, almost happy, in the present moment playing with Charlotte herself as they both were taking a break from work and Clarke couldn’t help but feel that she was accomplish things. She couldn’t stop everything from happening but she could make it as good as she can and looking at the graves and their numbers, she started feeling like she was doing just that.

She heard steps coming up from behind her and knew it was Finn, not just because she remembered he came out here and talked to her but because unlike her and Murphy who with the help of muscle memory, can walk in the woods without making much noise unless on purpose, Finn was sloppy, breaking every branch along the way. Still, she humored him and turned without her knife this time. After she got back to camp, she got her gun and her knives back from Murphy. Luckily, she hasn’t had to use them yet, neither did he. “Shouldn’t be out here alone. What if I was a grounder?” he said and she chuckled.
“I guess, I would be dead,” She said and he sighed. “I am serious, Clarke.

It’s dangerous.” He said and she looked at him. “Everything is dangerous, Finn. Being alive is dangerous. Thanks for the concern but I can take care of myself.” She said sarcastically and he shook his head. “I’m the reckless and you’re the responsible one, not the other way around, right?” He said and she chuckled. “I got something for you.” He said and she froze as he gave her the pencil. And as she looked at it, she remembered where it came from and what that place had meant for them. “I got it in the art supply store.” He said and she smiled as best as she could.

“Thanks but I have to get back to work. Need to check if Monty was able to make contact with the Ark yet,” She said as she moved past him and he followed. “I’ll go with you.” He said and she sighed. They went behind the wall and straight inside the dropship where Monty was working with a number of wires. “Hey, Monty. Anything yet?” she asked and he turned to her. “No, if I could work on the bracelets, it could.” He said looking at her and she smiled at him and she thought about saying no but then she remembered something.

Her mother thinking she was dead was what fueled her to get Raven to come down today so she knew what she had to do. “Are you sure you could talk to them with a wristband?” she asked him and he looked at her and nodded. “Pretty sure. Why?” he asked hopeful and she moved to seat in front of him and extended her arm to him. “You can take mine.” She said surprising both of them. “Clarke.” Finn said and she looked at him. “It’s just one, Finn. As long as everyone else keeps theirs, we will be fine and if Monty can speak with the Ark today, we will all be able to take them off by tomorrow.” She said and looked at the other boy.

“Do it.” She said and he nodded as he grabbed a few tools and very carefully started removing it and he did it. “Yes, it’s still operational,” He said and she nodded rubbing her wrist and standing up and walking towards Finn who was looking at her. “Relax, Finn. I know what I am doing.” She said and he sighed. “What about your parents?” he said and she sighed. “My parents thinking I’m dead will be temporarily, right Monty?” She said and Monty was looking at the wires in front of him. “Yep, as soon as I can patch through the dropship’s mainframe,” He said before turning to them. “I can do it. We will be talking to the Ark by nightfall.” He said and went back to work. “Good, now I just need to explain to everyone else.” She said to the boys before walking out.

Meanwhile in the Ark, in the control room, Abby was sleeping on a table, Kane was working on another table looking at some numbers and Jake was talking to Sinclair about some engineering stuff when the beeping started and everyone knew what that meant as they turned to the screen and Abby woke up in time to see Clarke’s screen go dark. “No!” she said loudly as Jake came to her side in front of the screen as they looked at the transmission terminated on her and Abby continued to deny what everyone thought had happened.

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