My patient, my call

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The two girls got inside the dropship and went all the way up until they got to the upper level where everyone was surrounding the boy so Clarke put a stop to it. “Okay. Let’s organize this. Wells and Finn, you can go down and help Murphy with the meat. Octavia, you can go down as well. Monty, you will stay right?” She asked and he nodded. “Okay, then everyone else get down, please.” She said as she went to Jasper’s side. “Charlotte, gather a few things we can use as pillow and put it under his head.” She said and the girl did as she asked as Wells and Octavia got down when she felt a presence beside her and it was Finn and when she looked at what was on his hand, she sighed.

The little two headed deer he made her before. When Raven found this and she claimed it as hers, that is when the older girl knew she was the one he had slept with but that would not happen here, no chance in hell. “Thank you.” She said to him politely. “Now go please. I need to take a good look over him and his wound,” She said and he nodded and left and when Charlotte got back and helped lifted Jasper’s head up on the makeup pillow she made, Clarke didn’t think twice before offering the deer to the girl. “For you,” She said and the girl smiled, not having seen the whole exchange.

“It’s cute.” She said and Clarke smiled as she dipped the cloth in the water and extended it to the girl. “Okay, now put that away somewhere you won’t lose and clean the cuts on his face while I check if he has any more wounds.” She said and the girl did as told and she went to check him. “Is there anything I can do to help?” Monty asked and she looked at him. “Try and talk to him. If he loses consciousness, it could be a bad sign,” She said and he nodded moving to his friend’s line of view and started talking to him as Clarke and Charlotte smiled and continued their work.

Meanwhile on the Ark, Raven and Jake were walking along the halls in silence until they came to stop in front of a door on a pretty deserted area of the Ark that she had not been to before and he opened the door, going inside before he motioned for her to come in too and she did and there it was. The pod he told her about. The one she would use to get to Earth “Wow, is this a piece of a museum?” she said to him and he chuckled. “I know, I always felt the same way looking at this thing,” He said and she smiled before she went closer and he crossed his arms and watched her take a look at it.

“How much time do I have to fix this?” she asked and he sighed. “Nine days.” He said and she looked at him in shock and he nodded. “I know,” He said sighing deeply and she looked back at the pod. “This is pure junk. They must have found this when they saved it from MIR 3 in 2102.” She moved around it and came to look at him. “You want me to get a 130 year old escape pod ready to stand up to the inferno of reentry in nine days?” she asked slowly and he smiled at her. “Feeling challenged? Want to give up?” he asked and she looked at the necklace and held it before looking back at him.

“You got yourself a mechanic, jackass,” She said and he smiled and nodded. “I knew I could count on you but Raven, I won’t be able to help you. As head engineer and council member, I have the rest of the Ark to take care of. You will have to do this on your own but anything you need and I will do my best to help.” He said and she nodded. “Don’t worry. I got this and since we have such an adorable time limit, I better get started.” She said getting her tool box and taking of her red jacket. “Very well, I will leave you to it and good luck, kid.” He said leaving and she held onto her necklace tightly. “Yeah, good luck to me,” she said before she started assessing what the problem with this thing was. Or rather what wasn’t a problem.

Back in camp, Clarke had finished her work with Jasper for the moment. “I will go down and get us something to eat. Stay here with him and any change, come and get me, okay?” she said and the younger girl nodded and Clarke went to the ladder and got down, walking out of the dropship and seeing Murphy and Jessica in charge of the meat as she asked and no wristbands off, all of which made her smile. She saw Finn and Wells eating and came to them as they looked at her. “How is he?” Wells asked her and she sighed. “He is stable for now but he needs medicine.” She said and they sighed.

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