Taking charge

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“Clarke. Pull her up. Pull her up.” The others said as they helped Bellamy lift her up and pull her out of the whole she almost fell in. “Clarke, you’re okay?” Finn was the one who asked her and she nodded at him, her heart still racing, it had been scary to fall especially since she was gambling that Bellamy would do the same he did last time. “Yeah, I’m fine,” She said breathing hard as he helped her get on her feet and she looked at Bellamy. “Thank you,” She said to him as she felt Finn’s hands on her shoulders and she was back to business. She secured her bag on her shoulder and looked at the boy. “We need to get him down,” She said to Finn.

“I’ll climb up there and cut the vines.” Finn said to her and she nodded and he moved forward before he looked at Mbege. “You, let’s go.” He said as the boy looked at Bellamy who nodded and he moved forward. Wells came to her and hugged her and she hugged him back resting her head on his chest, given the fact that they were okay and he was not jealous of Finn, Wells had not offered to help the boy instead coming to sty by her side immediately. “You’re sure you’re okay?” he asked her and she nodded at him. “I’m fine. Jasper is the one who needs our help right now. You see that?” she pointed at the boy and he looked at where she was pointing and so did Bellamy as the other boys got closer.

“That is a poultice on the wound.” She said as she pulled back a little but not letting go of him completely just yet, she was still a little shaken up by the experience. “Medicine?” Wells asked her and she nodded. “Why would they save his life just to string him up as live bait?” he asked no one in particular and Bellamy answered. “Maybe what they wanted to catch like his dinner to be breathing,” He said as Finn looked at them. “Maybe what they’re trying to catch is us.” He said having heard the conversation and everyone seemed to freeze except Clarke who already knew what was happening so she looked around for that panther but couldn’t see it.
Meanwhile in the Ark, Raven and the other adults were in the council room except Jaha who Abby send to his room to rest a little, the wound still very fresh and needed extreme care. “Raven, there is a possibility that there was something engineering could do about the flaw that we haven’t tried before but even if we found that, it would take us 6 months to do it, if it would work at all. In the meantime, there is another solution that some of the Council members feel is a better one and it is to float a certain number of people to help save oxygen.” Jake explained and Kane shuddered.

Last time he was the one pushing forward that solution without knowing it was unnecessary and so many of his people died for nothing, he wouldn’t let this happen twice. “That is wrong, Jake. You can’t kill innocent people like that.” She said readily to her boss and friend and he nodded, “I agree, we agree with you,” He said motioning to himself, Abby and Kane since Callie wasn’t part of the council. “But there are others who think is a good idea and if Jaha see his hands tied since we can’t know for sure that the kids are okay on the ground, he might not have a choice and that’s where you come in,” he said explaining and she nodded.

“You want me to go to Earth to get you in contact with the hundred?” she asked him and they all nodded. “There is an old pod in here, I will show it to you later. I managed to convince Jaha to give us a chance. You will fix it and when it’s ready, you will go down with a radio and make contact with us but pay attention to this Raven,” Jake said and Abby continued the explanation, “You only have a short space of time to contact us. The Council agreed to what we suggested but they also stipulated that if there is no contact from you in five hours counting from the moment you launch, they will start preparation to kill 300 people.” Abby finished the explanation and the young mechanic nodded at her.

“So if I manage to make contact with you as soon as I land, then those people will be safe? No one will be killed right?” she asked and Kane nodded. “Yes. If you make contact and it is positive that the Earth is survivable, we will start preparing for the exodus of all of our people to the ground.” Kane said and she nodded. “Okay, count me in. I know those idiots will need a genius with them anyway or else they will just get in trouble. Where is that pod and when can I start working on it?” she said excitedly and the four adults smiled as well, things were looking better. Now Kane just needed to make sure that Raven got there exactly when she is supposed to and everything would be fine.

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