To trust you or not?

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Jake smiled at her greeting as did Abby and Kane but Jake took over for the brunette before she said something bad. “Chancellor, this is Raven Reyes. The youngest Zero-G mechanic in 52 years and a dear friend to both of our kids.” Jake said to him and he nodded. “Yes, I know. We have met before in dire circumstances.” He said and she held it in to not give him hell since what he was talking about was Charlotte’s parents’ death. “Yes, sir.” She said before she looked up at the screens. “Many of those are dark.” She said and they nodded. “Yes, a lot of them happened at once and then none at all.” Abby said and she smiled.

“They were taking them off.” She said easily and the adults turned to look at her. “The bracelets. My guess is that they were taking them off but something or someone stopped them. My money would be that Clarke did it. She is quite bossy and surely she would know why the bracelets are there to begin with and would have convinced them to stop whatever it was they were doing.” She said to them and Jake and Abby looked at each other and smiled and Kane smiled as well. This was working better than he could have hoped. Jake really made a huge difference. “Why would they do that though?” Callie asked.

“Because we told them not too.” Jaha said smiling. “See, this could mean that they are perfectly fine.” Abby said to the man and he nodded leaving them to talk to the girl. “Sorry but why exactly am I here?” she asked and they turned serious. “Like I explained to you on the way here, we lost all communications with them and we need to talk to them immediately to know if Earth really is survivable or not so I suggested a solution to that problem and the Chancellor agreed and that solution is you, Raven.” Jake said as he looked at her and she looked at the others before turning back to him. “We want you to go to Earth.” Jake said and her eyes went wide and the only thing she could say was. “What the fuck Jake?”
Back on Earth, the little group was walking through the forest, Clarke and Wells quite ahead of the other two when Bellamy and Mbege came to their side, Bellamy waving his gun around like an idiot, just like his sister, he had a lot of growing up to do and that was the part that annoyed Clarke the most about this version of him. “Hey, hold up. What’s the rush? You don’t survive a spear through the heart.” He said to them and Wells moved towards him. “Put the gun away, Bellamy.” Mbege moved to stop him so she stopped them all. “Jasper screamed when they moved him. If the spear struck his heart, he would have died instantly. It doesn’t mean we have time to waste.” She moved to turn around but he grabbed her arm and she shrugged him off.

“As soon as you both take these wristbands off, we can go.” He said smirking at her and she did the same thing that she did before. “The only way the Ark is going to think we’re dead is if we’re dead. Got it?” she said to him and he smirked at her. “Brave princess,” He said and as she expected, Finn appeared out of thin air. “Why don’t you find your own nickname? You call this a rescue party. Then, split up and cover more ground. Clarke, come with me,” He said and moved though she grabbed Wells and pulled him along with them. “Let’s go.” She said and moved past Bellamy who stayed a few feet behind.

“Decided to be suicidal?” She said to the long haired guy and Finn nodded at her and smiled. “What can I say? I like challenges.” He said jokingly and she let go of Wells’ arm as she heard the other two following them, after a few seconds of what seemed like deliberation. There was no way she would leave her best friend with those two again, the last time she did it only because one she was angry with Wells and two, she had a little growing crush on Finn but neither one was true this time so she would keep him by her side, she would not let anything happen to him. She thought as they continued on their way.

Back in the 100 camp, Murphy was working with the other kids, helping them and instructing them to grab the woods that are around them so they can start making the wall Clarke suggested as fast as possible. From what he could see, Clarke’s speech really did what it was supposed to. No one has tried to take the wristband off and they were actually working together, of course there was the usual banter here and there, a shove, a punch but all minor things and there was always someone there to remind them of what she said and it would stop. Blondie was really born for this leader thing.

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