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She looked at the little girl who seemed shocked and confused. Clarke stood up from the ground, dropping her pencil and stared at them as Charlotte got up from her bed and hugged her, hiding behind her a little. “Clarke, what is going on?” she asked scared and she turned to the girl with a comforting smile on her face. “Nothing bad. It’s time, remember?” she said lowly so the guards wouldn’t hear what they were saying and the girl nodded slowly. “Let’s do what they say. Turn to the wall.” She said and Charlotte did as she asked though still very much afraid and Clarke turned as they said as well as the young girl.

This time she didn’t resist them and their direction given that one, she knew what was happening and two, they weren’t trying to take her father’s watch from her even because she didn’t have it so there was no problem in securing the bracelet on her arm and Charlotte didn’t resist it either, only flinching a little when they put it on her wrist. “Follow us.” The lead guard said and she looked at Charlotte and nodded, trying to reassure the girl that everything was okay. As soon as they came out of the cell much like last time, Clarke could see the other kids getting out as well and just as she predicted her mom came to her and Charlotte’s side.

“Girls.” She said as she hugged Charlotte first and then Clarke, tighter than ever. “It’s happening, isn’t it?” Clarke asked as she pulled back and Abby looked at her. “Yes, you are being sent to Earth today but you will be fine.” She said and Clarke nodded. “Where are they taking us now?” Charlotte asked as she held onto Clarke’s hand for dear life. “You will be taken to a room to change your clothes and then will be escorted to the dropship.” She said and Clarke nodded this part she hadn’t gone through since she had been knocked unconscious.

“We better go now. We will see you before we go, right?” Clarke said to her mom who nodded. “We will all be there to say goodbye.” She said and Clarke nodded before she pulled Charlotte away and let the guards lead them both to the room her mother told them about. They were other girls there that Clarke recognized such as Harper, Monroe and Fox but Clarke quickly pulled Charlotte along to their designated cubicle and there were clothes already waiting for them. She looked at the girl. “Get changed, fast.” She said readily and the girl nodded before they entered the place and started taking off their clothes and changing it.

Clarke noticed that it was the same one she wore last time and she smiled, she had always liked her outfit during their time at the dropship. She quickly got dressed. Tying her hair in her traditional style, she  walked outside to wait for Charlotte who came right after she did, also wearing the same clothes as last time. Clarke extended her hand for the girl who took it without even blinking and they walked outside and were ushered away from the room. “Clarke, I’m scared.” Charlotte said and Clarke squeezed her hand. “I’m right here, nothing is going to happen to you.” She said and the girl nodded trusting her without a doubt.

They were directed to a line and Clarke could see that Wells and Murphy were right in front of them so she walked quickly pulling Charlotte along to get to their friends. “Hey.” She said to them and the boys looked behind at them and smiled especially at Charlotte. “It’s okay, braids. We’re together.” Murphy whispered and she nodded and the continued walking forward until they turned a corner and Clarke could see her family there including Raven and she smiled. As soon as she saw them, she let go of Charlotte’s hand and went to her father’s arms.

The guards tried to come forward but Kane stopped them and ushered the other three to step out of the line as well and they did. Her mother joined in the hug and she pulled back to smile at them. “I’m okay and I will be okay. I promise.” She said sure of herself and they nodded. “We know, kid. We’re the ones who are not okay.” Her Dad said honestly and she smiled at them. “We don’t have much time so I just want you to know how much I love you and you’re the best parents I could have asked for and that I will be waiting down there for both of you.” She said as a tear fell down on her face and they smiled.

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