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Hey Dolls
So, if you weren't aware, I'm in love with Tom Holland. If you don't know who he is, well shame on you! If you watched a Marvel movies, he is the new Spider Man. Now, if you haven't seen the new Infinity War movie, go check out Cirque du Cris, because there will be spoilers. So in Infinity War, Spider Man dies. When he did, I completely lost it. I like never cry. Ask anyone I know, I never cry. This movie made me burst into tears. By the time we left, all my makeup below my eyes was gone. I went through an entire stack of napkins and half of my shirt was soaked in tears. You know those movies where a girl is heart broken and cry's on her best friends shoulder? That was actually me. I was with my friends Soheila and Jefferson and I was sobbing in their shoulders. I know I sound crazy and a few chapters ago I made some jokes about fan girls, but I'm in love with him and that broke my heart. My sister likes to repeat the line "Mr. Stark, I don't feel too good." Because that was one of the lines he said before he dies. My cousin said he would go on Twitter and tag Tom Holland and tell him that I was in love with him. For this reason, I threw a pillow at him. I know that just about everyone reading this is either a fan boy or fan girl. Comment what fandom you're obsessed with at the moment. Well thats all I gotta say so...... See ya on the flip side!

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