Chapter 10

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After riding for what seemed like hours he came to a stop and pulled over.

A beach?

Yea he drove me to a beach


Maybe because he couldn't afford to take you on a date

My subconscious chipped in

Shut up subconscious!

"So why beach?" I asked as I got off from the bike and placed the helmet on the back

"I don't know I like quiet places, there's no much people here" he said "and I wanted some time alone with you"

Some time alone with me?

Did I hear him right?

What could it mean?

Well it didn't matter cus my heart started beating fast as soon as I heard those words and to worsen it all he took my hands and intertwined them with his and at this rate I was sure my heart would expload.

"Yes you did hear me right" he said as if he had been reading my thoughts and I covered my face with my hair and smiled obviously embarrassed.

We walked down the beach like lovers with our hands intertwined and my head resting on his shoulder.

I wish this day would never end

Or I can at least save the moment

"I wish this day will never end" Nick muttered unaware that I had heard him

"Huh?" I asked in disbelief

"Nothing" he quickly replied closing the subject.

Finally we settled down and looked at the sun, it was starting to fade away which meant it was getting late but never the less it was beautiful.

I don't know why Nick had brought me here but I know it was for a good reason and this place definitely reminded him of someone but I decided not to ask him, when he's ready he will open up to me.

"It reminds me so much of her" Nick's voice cut me off guard


"My Ex"

"You miss her?"

"Yes, I still love her"

And immediately I felt a pang of hurt in my heart, of course it reminded him of his Ex, she must've been beautiful and I would be a nobody compared to her. He brought me here because he needed someone to talk to, why else will he bring me here?

And here I was thinking he liked me giving myself false hope while he was still not over his Ex

I'm so stupid

So very stupid.

The tears were threatening to fall right now but I couldn't let him see me break down, I would seem pathetic so I tried as much as I could to hold it in.

"Nick can you take me home?" I asked breaking the silence as I tried hard to blink back the tears.

"Why? Is anything wrong with you?" He asked out of concern

"No I'm just feeling tired, I need to rest" I lied

"Okay" he replied getting up and he offered me his hand but I ignored it and stood up on my home and we slowly walked to his bike.

The ride home was a silent long one and none of us attempted to break the silence, he couldn't sense that there was something wrong with me, of course he was too busy thinking about his Ex.

I'm so stupid

For ever

Thinking he liked me.

The ride finally came to a stop and he pulled over infront of my house and before he could say a thing I took off the helmet and got off from the bike.

"Good night" I said dryly and I dashed into the house and let the tears flow freely.

I'm so stupid

He loves his Ex and not me

It will never be me.

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