Chapter 9

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Freaks out!

I'm going on a date with Nick Melton

I'm going on a date with Nick freaking Melton!

Calm down Cecil its not a big deal

Who am I kidding of course its a big deal!

I need help

*picks up phone *dials Bethany's number

"Beth can you—

"Sorry can't help you I'm with Chris bye!

"Wait what! Beth!

*ends call

Sighs, that bitch! She knows how to beg when she needs my help but now I need hers she won't help great!

So I'm all alone

Wait I can call Loveth

Sighs, calling Loveth is not an option, my bestfriend is bad when it comes to fashion

Very bad

So yes I'm all alone!


Freaks out!

Somebody help!

Chill I got this.

After thirty minutes of searching through my wardrobe I still couldn't find the perfect dress to wear.

I got nothing

I am doomed 'in captain smacks voice'

"Come on Cecil what's taking you so long? You giving birth in there?" Nick yelled from the living room

Tch jerk

"Coming!" I yelled back

And after searching and searching I finally gave up and decided to go with a denim jeans and crop top.

"Mmh not bad" I sighed looking at myself in the mirror I should've gone with this a long time ago, would've saved me the stress.

I picked up my phone and slipped it in my pocket and made my way to leave.

Wait am I missing something?

I think I am

Yea make up!

Sorry but I suck at using make ups so no thanks I'm just gonna go like this.

"Hey what took you so long?" Nick asked as I walked down the stairs

And I rolled my eyes "maybe I was giving birth in there like you said" I replied sarcastically

"Whatever I'm in no mood to argue with you" he scoffed

"Me too!"

"Lets get moving"

"Yea bye mum!" I shouted before exiting the house

"Bye sweetie have fun!" She shouted back

Yea have fun with a jerk like this its almost impossible but I decided to save myself the stress and shout "okay mum will do" even tho she probably couldn't hear me cus I was already outside.

"Get on!" Nick shouted tossing me a helmet

"Okay what?"

"Are you deaf? I said get on!" He repeated pointing at his bike

"You want me to get on that thing?" I asked feeling a little bit scared

"Well yea" he replied sarcastically "unless you want to walk which I don't mind"


I reluctantly got on the bike and swallowed the lump in my throat, I won't deny it I was scared and I've never rode on a bike before and most importantly I couldn't trust this boy with my life, but somehow I decided to take the risk.

There's always a first time for everything.

"Hold on tight babe" he said and I wrapped my hands around his waist and rested my head on his back.

Aww he called me babe not nerd, butterflies were slowly erupting in my stomach and my heart was beating fast and I could feel it, he was smirking. His usual devilish smirk.

"Here we go!" He announced

And immediately he started the engine and zoomed off while butterflies continued to do somersaults in my stomach.

What are you doing to me Nick Melton?

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