Playtime x Arts and Crafters

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Thank you xJaden999x for requesting this! Also, credit to the artist of the picture above. 

Playtime and Arts [Arts is short for Arts and Crafters] planned this playdate since summer started and Playtime even asked her dads, Principal and Baldi, and of course, they said yes. At the moment, she was waiting for Arts to show up, she knew Arts would be kinda late because of his dad, Gotta Sweep, being busy all the time. Playtime never knew why Arts' dad was weird sometimes, always talking about someone called Filename2 and how he broke his heart, she knew Gotta Sweep had problems but ever since something happened between Gotta Sweep and Filename2 it's like he went even more insane.

{Not trying to start shipping wars but here's the story between Gotta Sweep and Filename2: Filename2 and Gotta Sweep dated at first but Gotta Sweep caught him cheating, which made him upset so they broke up and ever since Filename2 has been trying to apologize to him but he won't talk to Filename2 anymore. SO if you don't like what I did then stop reading and don't fuss at me}

Playtime was suddenly brought back to Earth when a sudden knock at the door appeared. She opened the door and saw Arts and she hugged him. When she looked up at Gotta Sweep, she was surprised with a depressed looking Gotta Sweep instead of his excited mood. "Is something wrong, Mr. Sweep?" Arts' dad looked at Playtime and gave her a fake smile. "I'm fine, thank you for asking Playtime." Playtime didn't believe Gotta Sweep but gave in after a bit. After a while, Gotta Sweep left and the two kids went up to Playtime's room.

"Arts, is something wrong with your dad? He hasn't been himself lately," The sock sighed and looked at Playtime. "You promise you won't tell anyone?" Arts knew that Playtime was great at keeping secrets but this secret was to be told to no one and to be kept to themselves. After Playtime promised, Arts told her the secret. Long story short, Filename2 got back with Gotta Sweep and Filename2 broke Gotta Sweep's heart once more. 

That night, Arts, of course, spent the night so the kids were watching a movie in the living room with a fort that they made. Arts noticed that the partially blind girl was thinking hard about something. "You ok, Playtime?" Playtime looked up, getting out of her thoughts. "Yeah, just thinking of something for Mr. Sweep and I was hoping you could help me since he is your dad," That being said, those words made Arts curious of what Playtime had up her sleeves. "Tell me more about this idea." Playtime had hope that her sock friend would help her since there was an art project in this plan of hers. "Well, we need to get that Filename2's number so we can text him saying to meet up at the park, then if he says he will, we have your dad meet us at the park as well. While we wait for them to show up, we make a beautiful picnic for them and we try to get them back together!" Arts thought hard for a moment before agreeing to join in on the idea.

Tell me if you want a part 2, to see if their plan works!

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