Chapter 8

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"So you knew all along and you didn't say a thing"

"I'm sorry sis Chris made me shut up"

"Oh really? So is Chris more important than me your sister?"

"Well kinda"

"What?" I asked unbelievably

"Chris and I are now a thing, we're dating" she announced cheerfully

I was so speechless and lost for words that the only thing I could say was an "O"

"What about the boy I saw you almost making out with in the party?"

"Oh Charles? He was just a fling" she replied nonchalantly like it wasn't a big deal to her

"So was Chris the guy you told me you were crushing on that day?"


"So you had a crush on Chris and still went to make out with some guy?"

"Look Cec I—

Just then the door bell rang

"I'll go get it" she signaled running out of my room like she'd been waiting for it all along or expecting somebody to come.

"Honey" my mum called out

"Yes mum!"

"You have a visitor" she announced

A visitor? Okay that's weird, I rarely never have any visitors and even Loveth doesn't just visit me randomly unless we have plans and last time I checked we had no plans for today cus I was busy making plans on how to make Nick fall for me.

"Coming mum"

Then I left my room and jogged down the stairs to find out who that was.

I stood frozen on the stairs when I saw the person that was seated in the living room, laughing with my mum.

Talk about the devil


"Mmh" I cleared my throat to inform them of my presence and mum turned back to look at me.

"Honey your boyfriend is so hilarious, you didn't tell me you had a boyfriend" she said

I almost dropped dead when I heard her say the word boyfriend, did this dude introduce himself to my mum as my boyfriend?

Great, things just got worse but at least mum likes him, seeing as she laughs at every single thing he says its a miracle.

"Hey there ner— oh sorry babe" Nick greeted waving at me with a cute smile, a smile that could melt any girl's heart of course any girl apart from me,  I know what a devil he is so I won't dare fall for him.

I stood there for seconds blinking at him unsure of what to say

"Come on Cec greet your boyfriend or are you shy?" Mum asked "or do I make you feel uncomfortable?"

"Yea Mrs Ross I think she's definitely shy, that's how she acts around me" Nick said

"Don't call me Mrs Ross, it makes me look old, call me Stella"

"Okay Stella" Nick smiled

I just stood there lost for words staring at the two of them. Mum was trying to act all cool and Nick was trying to act like a decent boyfriend but mum was making a fool out of herself mostly, laughing unnecessarily and hitting him playfully on his shoulder, I'm lost for words this truly a sight to behold.

"Are you here to see me or are you here to see my mum?" I asked feeling tired from watching them both make a fool out of here

"Cecilia!" Mum shouted

"Come on mum don't call me that! I hate it" I reminded and Nick chuckled and I turned to look at him

"Answer the question young man"

"Actually" he started scratching the back of his head, his cheeks were starting to turn red aww was he blushing? This is really a rare sight.

"I'm here to take you on a date" he completed

"Get dressed Cecil we're going on a date"

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