Chapter 3

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I got to the place they were supposed to hold their so called truth or dare and almost choked— the place was filthy if not anything disgusting,. Oh my eyes my poor eyes I cried trying to shield my eyes from the porn scene that was going on infront of me.

So basically there was this guy that was eating up a girls face, trailing kisses down her neck— gross and dipping his hands into inappropriate places. Oh save me eyes, me poor eyes.

"Ehm" one of the girls who had brought me up here coughed trying to gain everybody's attention and surprisingly it worked cus everybody stopped what ever they were doing and looked up "settle down guys I have the last person here" she said pointing at me.

"So now we're complete, let the game begin!"

And immediately they all gathered their chairs and formed a circle and the girls left me and took their seats leaving me standing like a lost puppy.

"Hey you can sit over there" a red haired girl whispered pointing over to a an empty seat beside the school's blonde haired bitchy cheerleader.

"Erm a cheerleader who looks like she's about to murder someone? No thanks"

"Okay then how about there" she said pointing over to where Chris Melton was sat, there was an empty seat beside him "aww yes!"

And immediately I rushed over and took my seat beside him.

"Hi" I greeted but he didn't even spare me a glance.

And I shook my head, snobby very well expected.

One hour of playing truth or dare passed, one torturous hour. No sorry I meant one hour of watching them play truth or dare passed because basically lets face it, as much as I didn't want to I had to admit I wasn't part of this game.

Whenever it got to my turn they just skipped me and passed me like I didn't exist and no one picked me or looked at me whenever they were dare to do something or pick someone, not like I was expecting them to do things with me but it kind of hurt, I mean why did they bring me in here if they were going to skip me and act like I didn't exist?

I was cut off my thoughts when the door opened and someone came in, someone I recognized as Nick Melton, one of the school 'popular' and Chris's twin brother.

Well I'm pretty sure he was just a snobby as his twin brother so I had no interest in him.

I just couldn't wait for this party to be over and I'll go home and read Dalton's theory.

I am never attending another party again.


"Hey Nick over here" the school's blonde bitch gestured waving at Nick to come take a seat beside her and he complied.

Thank God I didn't sit there, I'd have been shoved off the floor by now.

"Okay Nick so truth or dare?" Landon one if the 'populars' asked Nick "oh sorry dare or dare" he teased then Nick smirked

"You know the answer Lan"

"I dare you to kiss the prettiest girl here" Landon said and I sighed

Another kiss dare, thank God I'm not pretty so I don't have to worry about things like this or being kissed. I can't wait to get rid of this party then drown myself in physics and then have my beauty sleep.

I tilted my head upwards to see who Nick was going to kiss but was shocked when I saw he was coming my way and not only that he was also smiling at me— wait me?

Nah I don't think so, I rubbed my hands on my eyes to know if I was dreaming but was over shocked when I removed my hands and saw him kneeling in front of me with a smirk on his face and before I could ask what was going on or say anything he pressed his lips on mine.


I died

No I can't die like this, I came back to life

And I died again

And I came back to life again

I think I'm dreaming

I just fucking kissed Nick Melton

No sorry Nick Melton is kissing me!

He thinks I'm the prettiest girl here

Okay this is too much to handle, I can't take this anymore.

So I died


Don't forget to bring me nutella on my funeral or better still play me Harry styles.

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