Chapter Ten

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After classes Wren and Duncan were going to get ice cream from the cafeteria and talk more about Miss Drake. They invited Sammy to come along.

"No thanks, I'm going to go to the library and catch up on some homework. But you two go have fun." Sammy said. Duncan and Wren left Sammy alone in the hallways of the school. Sammy stopped by his room to change out of his uniform before he made his way to the library. He went straight for the computers when he arrived at the two story library. The boy wasn't actually doing homework, more like research. He typed in 'banshee' and the definition popped up;

'Also known as the wailing woman, a banshee is an Irish woman who's screams signify death or they know someone will die. Their wails are their superpower.

Sammy read over this about seven times before continuing his research. He then typed in 'dracula' and a newspaper article showed up on his screen, he clicked it and gasped when he saw a picture of Miss Drake. He began to read the article;

'A local boarding school hosted a play based off of the novel Dracula. Something horrible happened during the play and the police have yet to find out what. A young girl around the age of fifteen was killed and found in her dressing room during the play. Police believe this girl was Janet Hargrove. The killer it yet to be found. The girls teacher was deep in shock after the girls body was found, nobody could get the teacher to answer any questions. Police have labeled her as the number one suspect.'

Sammy looked at the date of the newspaper; 1923.

"Miss Drake should be dead by now." Sammy mumbles under his breath. Sammy continued to read the article until he found Miss Drake's name. Sylvia Drake.

He then typed Sylvia Drake into the computer a mugshot showed up. It was indeed a photo of Miss Drake but someone stood beside her, Sammy had to keep himself from yelling at the computer when he realized who it was.

'Sylvia Drake and David Ray have lived together for three months and have been dating for about a year now. The two were caught at a crime scene hovering over the body. Police have yet to prove that they are responsible for the murder.'

"Dating? They're bloody dating!?" Sammy yelled, earning a few shushes from other students. Sammy grabbed his bag and went to look out of the library window. He saw Duncan and Wren sitting at a picnic table and talking to Mr. Ray. Sammy ran full speed out of the library and outside to where Duncan and Wren sat eating their ice cream cones. He ran up to them and grabbed Duncan and Wren's arm.

"Sorry Mr. Ray but I need to speak to them really quickly." Sammy says and pulls the two to the side of the building.

"What's wrong?" Duncan asks

"Mr. Ray and Miss Drake were both accused of murder three months after they moved into a flat together." Sammy says

"What? That's insane." Wren says

"Wait...what's a flat?" Duncan asks

"You know, American schools need to teach you british words." Sammy says. "A flat, or as you Americans say is an apartment."

"Oh, I understand now continue." Duncan says

"Miss Drake was even accused of killing a girl a named Janet Hargrove in nineteen twenty three." Sammy says

"What? How could she be alive if she lived during nineteen twenty three?" Wren asks

"That's exactly what I was thinking. Miss Drake and Mr. Ray started dating two years after the murder of Janet, so I suppose nobody found enough evidence to convict Miss Drake. Oh and get this, Janet was killed half way through the Dracula play that was being held that year." Sammy says

"Oh my god." Wren mumbles. "Did it say who she was playing as in the play?"

Sammy shook his head. "No, but I'm sure I can find out."

"How?" Duncan asks

"Research." Sammy shrugs.

"My question is, why are Mr. Ray and Miss Drake still teaching at this school if they were a accused of murder? Shouldn't they have been fired?" Duncan asks when the three started walking towards the library.

"I don't know about you guys, but I have a feeling Mrs. Mortem, our headmaster, has something to do with all this." Sammy says and continues walking. 

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