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Maisie's pov

"So you gonna tell me what that was all about?" Ian said as he crouched down beside me.
"Shit mais your foot! It's deep we'll have to take you to V" he sat beside me wrapping a blanket around me.

"He said he wasn't my boyfriend" I finally let out.
"Well he's not is he?" He rubbed my arms attempting to warm me up.
"Well no but-"
"Then you can't get mad" he laughed.

"No he said it like he was embarrassed yano, like he didn't want anyone to ever think he was with me" I looked down still in pain from the fucking can in my foot.
"I understand kid" Ian now looked down to the snow fiddling with his thumbs.

"Yes." He replied.
"I still have a beer can in my foot" I giggled, in pain.
"Oh shit yeah, come on can you stand?"

He gripped onto my waist as I stood onto my right foot, that didn't have the can in. I wrapped my arm around his neck and hopped towards the house and in the distance I could hear Carl still shouting my name I'm guessing from Mickey's house. Shit.

We got back to my house and Ian ran back next door to get V.

"Maisie where the fuck did you go? You had your dad worried sick!" V ran in ranting.

"That's the least of my worries right now" I said pointing to my bloody can impaled foot.

"Oh God ok. Ian grab a bowl of hot water, pain killers from my cabinet and a rag." She rushes Ian while she grabbed a needle, thread, bandage, pliers and another bowl.

"What's this bowl for?" I asked nervously.
"It's incase you throw up or Ian or even me" she winked.

Ian rushed over and passed me the pain killers and I swallowed them immediately.

"Ok the count of 3" V said holding my foot.
"Wait make it 5" I shook.
"Ok 1... 2... THREE" she tugged on the can that ripped from the bottom of my foot causing me to scream and then pass out.

Carl's pov

I've been looking for Maisie for over an hour now and still can't find her, she wasn't at Mickey's and I even went down to the Alibi, but she wasn't there I went straight panic mode and was screaming her name for at least 20 minutes. And now my voice is basically gone and all I can think about is her.

I walked back home, and walking up the wooden stairs to the front door before hearing a scream that sent me over the edge in fear.
My mind was telling me to be calm but the fact I heard screaming made me worry more and constantly think of M.

I ran towards her house and barged through the door where I saw Mais lay on the table with Ian and V towards her foot.

"What the fuck Ian? You said you saw her by Mickey's" I pushed him.
"Dude she didn't want to fucking talk to you" he pushed me back and now we were full blown fighting one another while V ran next door to get Fiona.

I was pinned to the floor by Ian as he kept his weight on me.
"Ian get the fuck off of me" I shouted while his fat ass still sat on me.

"Carl you treat Maisie like fucking shit, no wonder she ran off, you don't deserve her" he stood up now but my anger boiled inside of me.

"Fuck you Ian, what about Mickey huh? He went and fucked a Russian and turned you psycho"
I screamed back but I don't think that was the right choice as he was now punching me hard in the face one after another.

"Guys! What the fuck!" Lip ran inside dragging Ian off me as I took the chance to jump on him punching him a few times back.

I was then dragged from Ian by Lip and pulled to the side towards Mais.

Seeing her instantly calmed me but again was obviously interrupted when we heard V scream.

"The baby's! They're kicking" V screamed again as everyone huddled around her.

I took Maisie in my arms bridal style and headed towards the stairs taking little steps so I wouldn't drop her or anything.

We finally made it up to her room as I placed her down onto her bed her bandaged foot was bleeding through so I pulled out a fluffy sock from her draw and put it onto her left foot.

I now saw that she was still in her clothes so I gathered a fresh pair of pyjamas out of her second draw, my eyes caught onto one of my shirts that I didn't even know she had or had gone missing and a pair of shorts underneath. I grabbed them and walked back over towards her bed where she was lay.

I removed her shirt that was hiding the hickeys I had given her not so long ago, I replaced it with my shirt covering her bra.
I now moved towards her pants, she was wearing jeans like always with a brown belt.

I hooked my fingers onto her belt and unbuckled it trying not to make loud noises. Once unbuckled I wrapped my fingers around the hem of her jeans and pulled them down slowly.

I then again replaced these with the shorts I had found from her draw and just as I was pulling them up when someone entered her room.

I turned around to be faced with the one and only Kev, his face confused and his eyes full of anger.

"What the fuck did you do to my daughter?"


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