Chapter 23 - Leading Others to Jesus

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How many of you find it difficult to talk to others about Jesus? How about your faith? Don't feel bad, a lot of people do, including myself.

It's like they just don't get it. Am I right? Well, the answer might surprise you.

The thing is, going back to the chapter entitled "your purpose," God left us here for one main purpose.

What's that?

To lead people to Jesus.

How great would it be if, when we get to heaven, everyone we love and care about would be there with us?

Oh, but some of my friends and family don't believe in God.

Well, they're not going to make it to heaven if you don't tell them about God, now are they?


(Now, if they refuse to listen to you, don't blame yourself. That's something they have to deal with personally.)

So what do I do about it?

Let me break it down for you:

1. Pray.

There's no better friend than a friend who prays! If you have a friend, or someone you care about, pray for them! Pray for those who are lost, heavy laden, doubtful, hurt, etc. Prayer can work miracles, because God hears them! When you were having a tough time and things got better, someone might have just been praying for you!

2. Get a burden for them.

No, I don't mean a typical burden. I mean, really get concerned for the person that you've been praying about. Talk to them, let them know that you care for them. (Sometimes this can make all the difference) Let your heart be so heavy with burden, that you can't stop thinking about that person and their situation! Then, get up and do something about it. Talk to them about Jesus Christ!

{Pro Tip: Tell them about your own story! Tell them how Jesus changed your life, and how he can change their lives too! Many are more touched and moved when you give your personal testimony to them, as they could most likely relate. If God could save you, he can save them! Tell them your story, pray with them, and pray for them. The results might leave you with shock and tears of joy.}

3. Do something about that burden!

Well, are you concerned? Have you talked with them and let them know that you care for them? No? Then go do it! When you let your unconnected friends and family know that you are there for them, that you care for and love them, sometimes that's all they need! After all, many who are unconnected may feel unloved, unworthy, depressed, etc. Give them that love! That worthiness! The hope and joy of Christ! Also, if they're socially classified as a "bad person," don't push them away! They need it the most! Jesus himself was a friend of sinners and tax collectors, and that's what you need to be as well! Please, don't be a hypocrite. Ask that friend, that family member, even that stranger what their story is. They might just tell you, and that might give you some insight on how to help them. Even if they are "at the bottom of your list," that doesn't mean that they aren't at the top of God's list. Lead them to Christ! Some of the most stubborn people have been saved and repented of their sins, leading them to a life of righteousness. Isn't that wonderful?

What if I'm scared to ask them to church?

Well, before you say anything else, let me give you some quick statistics done in America about church-goers and non church-goers.

1. Only 20% of Americans regularly attend church. (Barna Group)

2. 73% of unchurched adults in the U.S. were never invited to church. (Barna Group)

3. 82% of the unchurched are likely to attend church if invited by a trusted friend or relative. (Dr. Thom Rainer)

4. 41% of the formerly church said that they would return to local church if a friend or acquaintance invited them. (Outreach Magazine 1/07)

5. Only 2% of the church-going people invite someone to church in a given year. (Dr. Thom Rainer)

Well? Are you shocked? Now that you know someone that you are burdened for might just come to church with you, be part of the 2% that invites others! Fill up the church! Are they still kind of "on the verge?" Offer your own church.

Not your local church that you go to, but your own church. Bring your bible, tell them about Jesus. Go over verses about salvation and God's love! Pray with them in private! Doing this could probably help that person more than you think it could.

If they still refuse, don't push them too hard. Don't make fun of them because they don't go to church, or because they don't believe in God, even if you know their reasoning. A push too hard might just push them away.

Also, keep praying. Don't give up on them! Keep checking up on them and loving them. Good things take time!

Remember, a chance that you took, even if they refused, is still better than a chance that you refused to take. A chance that you don't take could've been one that led someone to Jesus. Remember that.

God bless!

Have any questions? Comment below and I'll answer to the best of my ability!

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