Chapter 7

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That is until Lacey decided to talk....

"So (Y,n) how big is the Eiffel tower." She hinted.

Kid almost spit out his food.

"Lacey! For your information the Eiffel tower is ginormous."

"I bet if it fell on you, you would be split down the middle."

"Probably but guess what."


"Maybe i'd be perfectly fine with that."

Kid gave a curious look now, wondering if I was serious.

"Are you serious?" She asked.

"Dead serious."

"Well it was nice knowing you cuz."

"I know." I smirked.

Our parents and Kid laughed at us the adults not understanding what she was trying to say, but Kid absolutely knew.

Once dinner was done we all watched movies on the couch as a family. It was fun being able to be with Kid like this, I honestly never wanted it to end. But then it was time for bed, Lacey and Cathy had to leave cause Cathy worked tomorrow. Kid and I went up to the room, and got comfortable by him taking off his shirt and me taking off my shorts. Then we laid down, he wrapped his large arms around my waist and pulled me close to him.

I looked up at him. "Why did you pretend to be my boyfriend tonight?"

"Who knows maybe just because I wanted to see your reaction."

I looked down again, sad, that's not what I wanted to hear.

He looked down at me curious.

"Or maybe because I want to be."

My head flung upwards looking at him.

"Are you serious."


I hugged him burring my face in his chest, I felt his chuckle reverberate in his chest.

"What about you, were you serious?"

"What do you mean?"

"At dinner what you said."

"Oh that, yeah I was. I don't know why but I feel different around you, different than I did when I was with Law. I like it, the feeling of love, and lets be honest, it was probably gonna be you anyway, weather we were together or not. I've gotten closer to it with you than anybody else, but I cant help it. You, your body, your lips, all of it just drives me insane."

"Trust me the feeling is mutual."

I leaned up capturing his lips in a soft kiss, soon pulling back and snuggling close to him, soon falling asleep....

The next morning was Saturday, so no school. I was the first awake, I looked at Kid, he was so calm in his sleep. I carefully wriggled out of his grasp without waking him. My mom left a note on my door, it read.

'I went out to do some errands I will be back later tonight. btw you and Kid look absolutely adorable when you sleep together all cuddled like that. Love you baby girl see you later.

P.S. don't be too naughty before I get back ; )'

I laughed at how much she liked the thought of me and Kid. I set the note down and went to take a shower, I got my clothes, turned on the water and hopped in, it was cold at first but it warmed up quick. I washed my hair, my body, and I shaved..... Everything... I mean hey now that Kid and I are a thing, you never know what could happen, I had to be prepared. Once I was done I got out, dried off, and got dressed. We were staying inside, so I just put on my white lace bra and undies, and a white button up shirt. When I went back into the room Kid wasn't there, so I went downstairs and there he was watching tv. I went and sat on his lap straddling him, I hugged him, and he wrapped his hands around my waist. When I pulled back I kissed him gently barely touching our lips together, not giving him the satisfaction he wanted. he growled at me and kissed me hard, forcing my lips onto his. Minutes pass and we soon departed with hazy eyes.

"Wheres your mom?"

"Doing errands she won't be back till later tonight."

He smirked. "Good, stay here."

He got up and left me on the couch, going upstairs till I could no longer see him.

A long while had passed and he still hadn't come back downstairs, I was about to get up and go to him, but then he finally came back downstairs. He came to me, pushing me down onto the sofa, leaning into me. He was teasing me, not letting our lips touch, wanting me to beg, but i wasn't going to let him win. I pushed myself up, pushing our lips together, letting him slide his tongue in, I was completely submissive to him. He pulled away going down to my neck, he kissed, sucked and bit trying to find my sweet spot once again. Once he found it he was relentless, biting leaving his mark, trying to make me moan. I wouldn't do it though, I wanted to see how angry I could make him. He growled grabbing my ass roughly, making me gasp, he smirked. He then rolled us so that I was straddling his lap. He picked me up, walked upstairs, and into our room. He set me down, turning me to look at what he had done. Flower petals lay on the bed, candles scattered around the room, it was amazing.

"Kid, wha-"

"You said you wanted your first time to be romantic and with someone who loves you. Well you may not think I love you, but I can sure as hell make your first time romantic like how you want."

"Thank you, its amazing."

he grabbed my hips pulling me towards him. He leaned down and I stood on my tip toes. Gently our lips touched once more.

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