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Mary's POV

I'm lying in bed staring up at the boring grey ceiling . I haven't had any motivation to do anything lately. I just lie in bed all day and tell myself that I'm going be ok when in reality I'm not . All I kept thinking about was why me ? Why did he pick me ? Out of all the girls in the world , he chose to hurt me .

I'll never love or trust again because look what happened. I'll only trust Chris and Trey my only two loyal best friends . I know them like the back of my hand .

After i left Ethan's penthouse I called Chris . I asked if I could stay with him for a bit until I got an apartment he of course said yes . I've been staying with him for about two weeks . I told him everything he was shocked and angry. I had to clam him and Trey down whenever I told them . If I didn't Ethan might've been dead

I am grateful that I'm not all alone because I would've lost my mind . Who knows what would've happened if I was all alone after this mess .

I still can't believe that he actually used me to protect his family. All he wanted from me was to take the bullets . I wasted so many days taking care of him when he didn't need it .
I could've left and be would've been fine .

I did the impossible just to make him happy .When he wasn't really happy . He sure knew how to put on a fake smile . He made me believe him . I fell for every single one of his lies . And he broke every single one of my promises. Everything was fake i was just used .

I remember those restless nights I had because I was watching over him while he recovered. I cried and blamed myself for five days straight. I hated myself for five days because I thought it was all my fault that he was on that bed in a coma. I was there "comforting " him when he didn't need it .  He fake cried for me to come back to him when all he wanted was for me to protect him from the next shot . But let's try to cheer up there's nothing else to do .

1 year later

"She see money all around me
I look like I'm the man, yeah
But I was down and out like last week
Tell me where have you been?
You came out of hiding, girl
Don't act like I'm your man
You just a fan, you don't hold rank
Don't hold no rank!" Crew by GoldLink blasted through Chris lambo. We sang along feeling great .

Me and Chris were on our way to the club to celebrate my new beginning in the music industry. Trey was following right behind.

It's been a whole year my past is gone and the future is awaiting. It took a while to cheer myself up but I did it . Chris and Trey didn't give up on me . They had patience and here we are celebrating an exciting beginning nothing can ruin my life right now . Big checks have been coming my way from the interviews and sponsors I've been getting.

All the guys be all up on me whenever I go to a party. I've gotten many numbers but I don't call right now I just want this time to focus on myself and my two best friends . Chris and Trey don't have relationships they like to have fun and enjoy life . I'm trying to be like them .

Bottles were all over the floor . Girls were wasted . Guys were all hyped . I was singing  along to the song that boomed through the speakers. Chris was dancing all the way . He was smooth with his moves while Trey was with a couple of honeys in the vip section.  I was enjoying this .

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