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Third person:

Bakugou goes and sits on the sofa.
" icy hot I'm off back to my room. " and with that he leaves the room.
He slams the door and it nearly snaps in half.

{ door abuse :c }

Todoroki sighs and starts to get changed into a turtle neck and black track suit bottoms.

Knock knock.

Todoroki assumed it was Bakugou thinking that he had forgotten something so he just shouted "come in" as he was closing the wardrobe door. Gently.

Uraraka popped her head round the door smiling and looked nervous.
" hi Todoroki I need some advice haha" she said while inviting her self in.

" wow your room is real fancy " she mumbled.
Todoroki walked over to her and closed the door behind her.
" so what do you need on Uraraka? " he said while going over to his bed while she went to sit on the sofa.

" it's about deku... " she started.
" well erm.. I need advice on dating and well.. you were the only one I could trust I guess since well everyone in the class says you could get anyone you wanted and well I-I"
She started to get really nervous. " pleasehelpmeikindofwanttoaskdekuoutonadatepleasehelpme " she mumbled so fast that even Lida probably couldn't keep up.
Todoroki managed to understand what she wanted.
" I'm not too good on dating advice maybe just leave some hints or see if he likes anyone else." Todoroki replied. Uraraka nodded in determination.
" maybe buy him something at lunch or take him to the amusement park that's opening this next week "
He continued.
" yes thank you " she thanked him and walk out the room and closing the door fairly lightly.
< best wing man Todoroki >

Todoroki yawned and laid on his bed before going to the dorms gym. ( let's just pretend it was there when I talked out the dorm layout. It's on the top floor ).

Bakugou was in his dorm room trying to read about dating advice but his phone kept spazzing out since his hands were hot from being embarrassed earlier on.
" OH FUCK THIS SHIT " he said before throwing his phone out the window. " SHIT MY PHONE " he yelled before going over to the window.

His phone thankfully landed on a bush. He stomped over to the door before opening it. It slammed into the wall causing a dent in the wall and a piece of the door handle to some off before stepping out and slamming it closed.

He wasn't watching where he was going and bumped into someone.


Sorry for not uploading for a while I was on holiday kind of and I'll be on a plane on Monday or something. So I might write some on the plane then upload it later on since I'll be busy for a month.

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