5, Voiceless ♪ by: HaveYouSeenThisGirL

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A story about the love of a superfan,

Momoxhien Clarkson.

Kung ikaw mabibigyan ng chance na ma-meet ang idol mo at maging julalay nila,

will you grab the chance?

Aba na lang ang hindi!

Lalo na pag pogi ang idol mo! XD

  Its so noisy. . .  

can someone turn it off. . .  

please stop making noises. . .  

stop listen to me please. . .    

with all voices around me,

even if I try speaking. . .    

I'll end up feeling so. . .      

" Voiceless"    

. . . can someone hear me?      

  her name's Momoxhien Clarkson.  

she loves Syntax Error, her fave band.  

she meets 'em in a very embarrassing situation.  

she gets to work for them.  

she discovers a lot of things about her favourite band.    

  then suddenly her life gets complicated,

from a fan to turns to a friend. . .

also a lover.    

But she discovers more. . .

can she bear all of it?      

up to what point can she discover her self as fan?

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