Ann And Lou.

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"Ok Guys! Shes on her way up." Harry says, giving up all a look.

"Why is she staying with us again?" Niall ask, sounding aggervated

"Because, me and Ann have been close since we were in diapers and now she needs a place to stay! Its just until schools out!" He walks to the door, resting his hand on the knob.

"Schhol hasnt even started yet Harry. Do you understand how long shell be here. That means no more walking around naked." Zayn smiles slyly.

Harry rolls his eyes as theres a knock on he door. "ANN!" He yells pulling her into a hug.

"Harry. Harry Edward Styles your going to break my glasses." She laughs, voice muffled by Harrys shoulder.

He pulls away, letting us see her for the first time.

Wow shes Gorgeous. He long black hair and her brown eyes. Iv never liked glasses but they make her look.. that much more amazing. She looks up, smiling at me.

"Ann. This is Zayn, Niall, Liam, and Louis." Harry say introducing us.

"Hello, iv heard so much about each of you! I ccant beleive im finally able to meet you!" She laughs.

"Oh really." I say. "Like what?"

"Well. Zayns hair isnt as big as Harry said." She walks and hugs him. "You dont seem the type to have a big ego."

She turns to Niall, pulling her to him. "I heard you could eat Massive amounts of food. Hiw are you so skinny?"

"I work out." Niall says, pretending to show off the muscles he doesnt have.

She laughs. "Liam, i heard your the Daddy. You keep everyone in line." She pulls him to her. "And i ove your birthmark." Then she walks to me. "And Louis. Aka Lou." She pulls me to her and whispers in my ear. "Your much more attractive then i expected."

Then she turns on her heel and walks back to Harrys side before i can even process what she said.

"So, now that youve met everyone." Harry says, hugging her again. "Lets get you settled in. How bout that love?"

She nods and picks up her bags. "Theres 2 more in the hall." She says, following Harry to the guest room.

"Iv got it." I rush outside before anyone else and grab the bags. The lads look at me funny. I shrug them off.

I walk to the room as Harrys walking out. "What did you want?"

"Oh ill take whtever the lads want." She smiles

Harry nods and walks out. "You coukd set those on the bed." She says, stuffing stuff in a draw.

I set the two on the bed. "Is there something else?" She ask, leaning against the dresser.

I open my mouth. Then close it. "Erm.. how was your trip?"

"Fine." She says, looking around the room, befre turning back to me. "Is there something else?"

I look at her, then at the matress, rubbing the back of my neck.

She walks to my and lifts my chin. Pulling my mouth to hers.

"There." She smiles, grabing another pile of cloths.

I sit there, glowing. "What?" Harry ask walking in. "What did i miss?"

I shake my head, walking out.

Am i falling for my roomate?

Or the better question,

Is my roomate falling for me?

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