Chapter 32 - Transformation Jutsu

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Wanna kill me for not updating? Guess what, I wanna do the honors. Meh. But anyways, the chapter I left you with was pretty funny, yes? Sooo, imma  update! ENJOY!~ 


Day off. 

Ah, finally. Set everything aside and sleep, thats the Sakura style. Its pretty dumb. I woke up in the sound of my mom's voice calling the heck outta me. I went down, and saw that its only 7 am. 

"Sakura, the handsome Uchiha kid went here an hour ago," mom states.

Wait . . . 



Ahahaha. NO WAY, BRO. 

"You sure, mom?" I asked, "What does he want?" mom glanced at me in a way of showing tension. My eyes went huge and I sent her a 'WHAT THE HECK, MOM?' look. 

"Well, he wants to meet you at the Forest near the Academy later," mom smirks, "HE'S GONNA PROPOSE, DEAR!" she started to squeal. 


Mom smiled, "I am always enough with your father," 

My frown went away and was replaced with a smile. Its so nice to see my parents getting along very well even though mom gets berserk most of the time. I wonder how dad feels. . . probably out of patience, heh.

"Ah." I said quietly. 

"Meet him at 5 in the afternoon."

". . . Er- okay." 


It was finally time to meet him. I was about to go out when my mom called me. "SAKURA!" she yells. "Why don't you put any make-up?" 

Make-up? Screw that. 

"Mom, for the 50th time of my life, this ain't a date. So there is NO need to put chemicals into my damn face," I stated. "Besides, its probably just a walk, maybe also with Naruto,"

"Fine, but if he proposes, say a freaking loud "YES", okay?" she winked. 


"W-well, I shall be back at.. 6, maybe." and so I went on. 


I searched the forest near the ninja academy. I just got there at 5:30, am I late? I dont care though. There, I spotted Naruto, why HIM? I-I mean. . . why not Sasuke? Oh, crap, don't get it in the wrong track, stalkers! 

"Sakura!" he called by. I gazed at him, he wasnt very enthusiastic like before. 

"H-Hey! Have you seen Sasuke? He told me to meet him here," I said. 

"He said that he cannot come because there was an emergency at his house," Naruto answered. 

. . . Too bad. I was really looking forward to meet him. 

"Oh," was only my response. 

Minutes have passed. We kept quiet. Wait, I was the one who is QUIET. Not him. Wait, I am NOT depressed, why should I be?

6 o'clock. 

Its already six. The wind began to blew heavily, and I was freezing to death. Naruto took notice of me and now, I see him unbuttoning his jacket and slid it to my shoulders. I was now wearing it.

"Thanks." I smiled. He nodded. "Hey, I have to go. Mom is waiting for me," 

He nods again. This is so un-Naruto like. Except for the jacket-thing. I went away, and a moment from now, where I was a bit far, I realized that I should give this jacket back since I dont wanna go out tomorrow. I went there again and saw something unexpected. 

Transformation jutsu. 

I saw...

Naruto... become Sasuke. 

So that means... 

Sasuke pretended to be Naruto? W-Why?

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