" prom night "

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2 weeks had passed and honestly, Regina was right. Zoey had done everything to earn my forgiveness. We went on several dates, and hearing his sincere apologies was enough to let me know he was a keeper.

Prom was right around the corner and I was a nervous wreck. I had never imagined myself going to prom, but now that I'm dating Zoey, it's a must. Zoey isn't excited about prom either but, he wants me to go just to experience it. Prom was never something I spazzed over like other girls my age. I hated the attention prom brought.. mostly because of that shyness I have.

"Baby, you're gonna have a shitload of fun at prom, I promise." Zoey said to me, running his fingers through my hair, and breaking me away from my thoughts.

"No I'm not." I mumbled. "I hate dresses, heels, and I barely like make up. Its just not me."

"When we get older and reminisce about high school, you're gonna regret not going to prom babe.. that's why I'm making you go." He lightly kissed my neck. "It's something you need to experience."

"This is gonna be so embarrassing." I sighed.

"Savannah, you're the most gorgeous girl out of the entire school." He said seriously. "Ain't shit to be embarrassed about, you need to just go in there and be yourself."

I sighed heavily and laid back against his chest. The sun was peacefully setting as we sat on the sand, just listening to each other breath. Lake Lanier was probably our favorite place to come just to relax. I felt this sense of peace whenever Zoey held me in his arms. In all honesty, I was terrified to go to prom. I didn't know what to expect, and was just nervous to go. As the night air grew chilly, Zoey drove me home.

"FaceTime me as soon as you get to your room." He grinned, softly kissing me.

"Gotcha babe." I giggled.

"I love you Savannah." He said, kissing the top of my head.

"I love you too Zo."

I got out of the car and walked inside the house. Once again, Dad was working late. Regina was in the kitchen eating a thing of chocolate ice cream. My eyebrows furrowed seeing she had dark streaks on her cheeks, from her mascara running. I had never seen Regina cry, let alone be upset. She was always so peppy and happy about everything. Seeing her cry was a shocker.

"Regina?" I called. "Everything okay?"

"O-Oh yeah." She stammered. "Everything's fine sweetie."

"I've come home to see my mom crying like this plenty of times." I rubbed her back to comfort her. "I know something's wrong.."

"Your father and I are going through some things Savannah, I won't go into too much because he would hate for you and Sarah to find out right now.."

I nodded, going upstairs to my room. I kicked my shoes off and took off my clothes slipping on one of Zoey's jerseys he had left. The familiar smell caused my cheeks to turn a shade of red and my stomach began to feel warm. The attachment I had to Zoey now was something serious, and sometimes scary. I had never loved someone as hard as I'm loving Zoey. It's dangerous but, I don't care. Knowing he has my heart in his hand and could crush it any time is terrifying but, I have a strong feeling he won't hurt me...

I flopped down on my stomach and grabbed my iPad, FaceTiming Zoey. He answered after three rings, a big smile on his face when he popped up on the screen.

"I can't get enough of that gorgeous face, I swear." He said, causing me to laugh.

"It isn't anything special Zo." I blushed, pushing a piece of hair behind my ear.

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