Chapter 14

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Celeste's POV (Are we even surprised?)

Ring ring..... "Arrrggg," I groaned as I rolled to switch my alarm off. Getting up and sitting at the edge of the bed, I stretched with my eye still closed. I somehow feel really lazy today. Ok I need to get going, need to take a shower. I have to go to work. I'm so lazyyyyyy.

After showering, I put my clothes on and ran downstairs to have some breakfast. "Good morning big bro," I said as I gave him a brief hug and grabbed some breakfast. "Uh princess why are you dressed for work," Jace asked me making me frown. "Because I have to go to the office. Why are you asking," I said with a confused face. "Wait aren't you looking after Cyrus today," he said making my eyes widened. "Oh shit. Yea how can I forget," I said as I slapped my forehead. Jace started laughing making me glare at him. "Yea I'm not going to the office then," I said. "Yea that's what I thought," Jace said laughing at me. I then went to change into more comfortable clothes.

About thirty minutes later, Stella and Devon reached our place

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About thirty minutes later, Stella and Devon reached our place. "Hi my people," I said as they came in. "Hi my little champ," I said as Cyrus came into view. "Look Aunt Cel, I bwought all my toys. I will let you pway with them," he said as he showed me all the toys in his bag. I couldn't help but laugh at his words. "Aaaww thank you champ," I said as I placed a kiss on his cheek. "So guys you are going on a date," I said as I wiggled my eyebrows. "Why do you have to be so weird," Stella asked as she laughed. "Stop teasing us princess," Devon said as he gave me a big hug. "Anyways princess do you want us to bring something for you from the restaurant," he asked knowing that the restaurant they are going to is my favourite. "Get me the chicken Parmesan and also the pasta," I said as my mouth started watering by just the thought of it. "Gosh you don't need to drool," Stella said making me look at her in shock. "You guys are impossible. Now go go go. You have a date to go on so byeeeee," I said as I literally pushed them out. Cyrus was busy showing all his toys to Jace. 

It has now been an hour that I had Cyrus and he has been such a good boy. "Do you want to eat something champ," I asked Cyrus who was so absorbed in his iPad. Seriously why does he have an iPad? He is only two. I hate the idea of giving a child an iPad when they are so young. They get addicted to it so easily and spend all their time on it. "I want bwurger," he said making me look at him in aw. Whenever he talks, he is the cutest. The way he pronounce some words is really funny. "Okay well we will have a burger for you if you promise not to touch you iPad for the rest of the day," I said and he gave me a look like 'do you think I'm stupid'. He finally sighed and nodded. "Okay Aunt Cel I pwomise," he said as he put his iPad aside and cupped my face. He is so so cute. "Okay babyboy let's go," I said as I got up from the couch. 

"Here you go champ. All buckled up," I said as I strapped him onto his car seat. "Be quick Aunt Cel. Burger will finish," he said. Yeah he still has a lot of trouble talking. "Oh the burger will be finished," I asked him and he said yes. "Okay baby we will be fast," I said as I put on my seatbelt. 

 "Looooooooook McDoodoo," he said making me laugh out loud. "Yes champ it's McDonald's," I said still laughing at how he calls it. After parking the car, I got Cyrus out of the car and we walked in the McDonald's and you could hear kids laughing and see people smiling. 

After the cute little lunch date with Cyrus, I remembered that I have practically no food at home as I didn't have time to shop for groceries. Also Jace is rarely home so I do the shopping. "Okay baby we need to run to the grocery shop," I said and he nodded as he held my hand. As the grocery store is just opposite to the McDonald's. 

Putting Cyrus in the little seat in the shopping cart, we made our way inside. Little by little, the cart started to fill up and Cyrus started to get a little grumpy. "Show me how you dance Cy," I said as I was getting some essentials. "Wow champ you got the moves," I told him and he started laughing making me smile. "Look Aunt Cel. Cywus is a dog," he said as he put his tongue out and randomly barked. Damn this boy never fails to entertain me. "Oh yeah you are a cute dog," I said as I ruffled his hair. I bent down to pick Cyrus up when suddenly I felt like I bumped into someone.

"Oh I'm so sorry," I said as I turned to look at the person I bumped into. As soon as I saw who it was, I froze. "Celeste," he whispered as he looked equally shocked as me. My heart started the race as I looked into his eyes. What is he doing here? "Jason," I said under my breath. His gaze then shifted to Cyrus who was in my arms. I could see anger in his eyes. "Aunt Cel who," he asked me as he pointed towards Jason. I don't know why but I saw Jason let out a sigh of relieve. "Hi buddy, I'm Jason," Jason said as he ruffled his hair. Cyrus started squealing which made me smile. Looking back at Jason, all the pain that I went through came back as well as the feelings. 

"What are you doing here," I asked coldly. "I'm here for the charity event. So this is where you have been hiding for all these years," he said as he looked at me with a smirk. "Why do you think that I was hiding," I said a little bit harshly as Cyrus jumped in shocked. "I'm sorry baby," I told Cyrus as I stroked his back. "Oh so coming to know that your girlfriend is nowhere to be found for straight two weeks is not a big deal. You were not hiding from me? You left to God knows where with no explanation whatsoever. And your best friends wouldn't tell me where you were," he said looking furious. "I'm not doing this now so bye," I said as I left him there furious. 

What is his problem? How dare he demand answer when he was the one using me? Why did he have to come her? Why did he have to see me? What am I going to do now? 


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