Chapter 4

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7 years ago

Life is getting better and better for Addison. She now had a loving husband and was expecting a baby that growing inside her. Year passed smoothly without any more rough obstacles, or at least that what she thought.

Her husband hardly been around or home for the past weeks. She thought it was just his works that making him stay in his office even after his work hours over,but how wrong she was.

The day she found out that she was 3 weeks pregnant,she went to his office to surprise him. Jared's secretary had tried to stopped her but Addison just brush her off. Inoring the nagging feeling behind her head and a pity look on his secretary's face,she just barged in his office and and the huge smile on her face dropped instantly.

The tension was so thick in the air,you can cut it with knife and not to mention the sound of jaws hitting floor.

There he is.

Sitting on his swivel chair with a model-like brunette on his lap and red lipstick smeared all around his face,down his neck. His eyes almost popped out from its socket when he spotted Addison,too shocked to react.

"Oh. Oh." Addison nodded her head slowly,a lethal emotionless smile on her face.

Jared quickly recovered and pushed the brunette off from his lap,wiping his lips in the process.


"Surprise!" Addison faked enthusiasm,ignoring the profanities she was getting from the brunette.

"Sur...prise?" Jared asked,stammered awkwardly.

"Yeah." Gulping the huge lump in her throat, Addison closed her eyes and managed to gave Jared a small nods.

"Addison..." Jared tried again.

"This is not what I think,is it?" Addison chuckled sarcastically.

She always dreamed the day when she surprise him with the positive pregnancy,he would jumping up and down with happiness like any other first father would be. But no,he beat her to surprise.

The brunette now on her feet and glaring furiously at Addison, pursing her red lips nastily. "Oh,the wife. What a pleasant surprise indeed." She sneered,shuffling closer to Jared.

"Ruby,can you wait outside?"

"No. I want to hear every words you will tell her and savoring her shock expression so it would be print on my mind." Ruby grabbed Jared's hand and linked their fingers.

"Not now Ruby." Jared sighed frustratedly.

"Promise you will tell me everything? All the juicy details?"

Addison watched them talked back and forth,shook her head. So,this is the reason he rarely at home lately? Isn't she Jared's ex girlfriend in high school? Oh,this will be interesting.

After a few minutes they talked to each other with Jared's eyes on Addison the whole time,Ruby finally defeated and stomped her way out from Jared's office,bumping Addison's shoulder as she walked passed her.

"You better has an explanation with that,buttdog." Addison clenched her teeth,letting out an unsteady breaths.

"Don't act victim here,Addison" he spatted.

Rounding the tables,he stalked toward her with papers in his grasp. "Here." He throw the papers on Addison's feet.

When Addison bend down to retrieve it,he scoffed and muttered under his breath. "Like a real b*tch you are."

Addison stopped mid bent and standing face to face with him.

"What did you said?"

"B*itch?" He raised his eyebrows with mocking questioned eyes.

"Dog." She spatted back.

His eyes narrowed infinitesimally,lips pulled in a straight line. After their eye-locking battle,he then said-


Addison know this is such a childish thing to do,but she couldn't help but reply with "Manwh*re!"




"Slag! Jerk! Pr*ck! A*hole! B*stard! I said it all and now I want the damn explanation!"

"The damn explanation? Explain yourself first,where were you two month ago when you disappeared two weeks?" Jared bellowed.

Tears now running on Addison's cheeks without her noticing it. She wiped it away and dragged her hands through her hair while explaining to Jared. "I was with Sarah,I'd told you."

"Sarah? Oh,really? Who is this then?"

When Addison took a pictures of her on the magazine with young blonde-haired man, kissing passionately with her on his lap,she immediately dropped the magazine on the floor. She couldn't believe what she just saw.

"Cat got your tongue?"

"Don't turned this on me,Jared. I asked first." Addison then said in a small almost inaudible whisper.

"You cheating on me? Wait,don't answer that.I will never believe any single word coming from your filthy mouth."

"Who.the.h*" Addison asked pronouncing the words carefully but oddly calm voice.

"She was my ex girlfriend."



*End of part I of chapter 4 flashback*

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