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What a beautiful way to start the day! Birds chirping; the sun shining and Tae is um....there I wish he wasn't but ya know.

Since everyone has the day off today, the campus is packed full of running girls and boys hustling and bustling about.

I love the sound of people I always have; it helps me feel comfort.

I didn't quite know what to do today and since I know kookie wants some alone time with miss-bride-to-be ~
I think I'll spend some time with my teammate.

I've barely had a normal conversation with him...LIKE ALL HE DOES IS TEASE!
The only people who can barely get along with this kid would be people similar to him.

Sigh I need to learn more about him though...after I've learnt what he's been through.

I watched Taehyung slip his hands into his black leather jacket turning dramatically to the side looking at me with the smirk that I'm used to seeing quite often.

"Hey you know it's normally the guy who asks the girl out on a date..." he stated causally while I looked at him in a disgusted way.



I'm saving my first date for my soulmate! Not some flirty boy who wears the same jacket almost every day.

"I never asked you out!!" I said scrunching up my face in irritation.

" oh but I quote 'I want to spend more time with you' by Jung Sere-" I slapped him on the shoulder before he could complete his sentence.

Okay that's smart! But I'm not an Shakespeare Play he doesn't need to quote me!

"AH S-SHUT IT!" I crossed my arms while walking away him laughing his ass off not even caring about all the people staring.

He's too full of himself to even notice others. How lovely. NOTE SARCASM.

"Hey love~ wait up!" He yelled at the top of his voice while skipping towards me like some prince in a fairytale.

UGH! This was a really bad idea!
And I realise this now?
I'm mentally face palming myself so hard  at this very moment.

I heard at least a thousand whispers gossiping at once hard to hear them separately.

This isn't too big of a deal but I just want to address; IM TOO YOUNG TO DIE.

Also I don't want my gravestone to say
'Jung Serena killed by obsessive boy crazy fangirls'

How embarrassing!! I hid my face with my hand trying to avoid all facial contact I could possibly have with anyone.

"I'm not his GIRLFRIEND waaaah!" I whined while running away; I heard Tae chuckle before chasing after me and swinging an arm around my neck.

I tried to ignore the dagger-like stares by hiding my face with my hair;

"Hey, let them think what they want~"
He whispered gently in my ear while removing hair out of my face.

He leaned closer and whispered seductively; "even if it is the truth."
I was stunned by his words and too caught up in the moment to stop him.

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