New Home

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Anastasia's (aka Delia's) POV

I woke up on what felt like a cloud and shot up. Nothing looked family and I feel so different. Just then a woman appeared and she held me close stroking my hair. I calm as I remember I was rescued and she is my mother. I start to tear up as I hold her tighter. Shh my little one, you're safe now and won't ever be alone again she assures me.

Where are we? I ask her as I look around the strange room.

We're home and this is your temporary room she states. Can you speak? she asks me pulling away.

"Mm-mu-mum-mummy" I say smiling. She nods her head smiling showing I'd said it right. "Mummy!" I cheer hugging her again.

The others wish to see you she states. I nod my head and she helps me stand then walk. It feels so strange walking on two legs and wearing clothes.

(Living room) third person

"Amelia is on her way with Anastasia" Percy tells his sons and the prince. Adrian felt excited to see his mate again. His parents had taken Leia and Luke out for the day. But he didn't want to leave the castle. Harold and his brothers had been playing Uno now stand to await their sister & mother's arrival.

Amelia and a wobbly Anastasia enter the room. Anastasia nearly falls but Adrian catches her, before placing her on the couch. "Hey Anna, we're your brothers Jake and Cole" Jake and Cole tell her smiling.

"Br-Bro-ther-Brother" she says smiling as her mother nods her head smiling. Anastasia looks around at the people in the room. "Brother, brother and brother" she says pointing to Harold, Jake and Cole in turn. Her mother grabs her attention after she was hugged by her brothers.

"Do you remember who this is?" she asks slowly gesturing to Percy beside her.

"Da-da- Daddy!" Anastasia says holding her arms out to him for a hug. He hugs her tightly as tears appear in his eyes.

"I'm so proud of you and am so happy to have you home" he says.

"Pro-mise, Promise" Anastasia mumbles pulling away. You make promise to explain connection to Adrian she says telepathically.

"I did" Percy says smiling as he storks her hair. "Can you read?" he asks gesturing to the book in front of them. "Do you understand these words?" he asks handing her the book. Anastasia looks at the book reading the title:

Werecats Biology

She nods her head and everyone smiles. Percy opens it to the page on soulmates. Gesturing for her to read it. So she reads the first paragraph before looking up at Adrian who sat beside her.

Soulmates are a werecats other half and true life partner. They know each other by scent and the sparks that fly when they touch. An instant connection forms pulling the two mates together.

"Mate" she says looking into his eyes and he nods his head. Anastasia hugs him burying her face into his chest as tears appear in her eyes. "No leave, don't want to be alone" she tells him.

You'll never be alone again her family tells her and she smiles.

"Can we mind talk?" she asks Adrian and he shakes his head.

"We need to kiss first to feel each others emotions and complete the mating process. To be able to communicate that way" he explains slowly. Anastasia loved reading his lips and wondered what they felt like. Before blushing madly hiding behind her hair. "Did I do something wrong?" Adrian asks her family while Jake and Cole laugh.

"She was wondering what your lips felt like" Harold explains. Adrian smirks grabbing her chin making her look into his eyes.

"You need only ask" he tells her and she blushes redder. "Do you want to kiss me?" he asks her. As puts their foreheads together as her family leave them alone. Anastasia nods her head slowly and their lips connect in a slow gentle kiss. Before they both pulled away with her blushing.

"Home" she says.

"Yes, this is your new home" Adrian tells her. "Are you hungry?" he asks and her stomach grumbles loudly making her blush as he chuckles. "I'll take that as a yes, can you walk?" he asks. Anastasia looks at her two human legs unsure before looking at him. She wraps her arms around his neck and he gets the message. Putting an arm around her waist and the other under her legs. He stands holding her bridal style and walks to the kitchen.


Picture above of the castle and picture on the external link of Anastasia's temporary room. Contest for her main bedroom is on between now and the next chapter. Something simple, have something relating to the forest in it and have an en-suite. The winner will have the room in the next chapter and have the chapter dedicated to them. Good Luck.

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