"God, I Hope You're Satisfied!"

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"I'm standing at her side!

You can never be satisfied!

God, I hope you're satisfied!"


Taking a break from each other / Breaking up

(Sorry, these are bad in my opinion, I'll do better next time)


Aoi Valt

Sometimes, Valt can be too much. You love the guy, there's no doubt. But Valt is extremely oblivious when it comes to other girls flirting with him. Even though he does say a few flirtatious things towards you, he never seems to notice other females doing the same thing to him. At first, you would dismiss it since Valt would never choose someone over you.

At least, that's what you would like to think.

Today was one of those days of girls flirting with the number one blader in the world. You didn't pay attention, obviously, and didn't get worried when you saw Valt politely wave them away. What ruined it for you, was the fact that one of the girls started to sneak in pictures and even small kisses on the cheeks.

Valt blushes furiously, something he should be doing only towards you. And that was the final straw for you, surely your eyes were tricking you. But no, they sadly weren't. Suddenly, Valt turned away from his girlfriend and started to have a small conversation with the extra female. Feeling your heart break into pieces and betrayal, you stood from the bench and left with tears stinging your eyes. You're so weak that you can't defend yourself...

Oh well...

Aoi Tokonatsu

You've been feeling left out lately, and it's mostly because of Tokonatsu hanging out with Gumita. After Ranjiro came with his own BeyClub, Gumita seemed to have taken a liking towards Tokonatsu. You dismissed it, thinking that she probably was interested in your boyfriend's Beyblading skills.

That surely doesn't seem to be the case now.

What sets you off, was seeing Gumita trailing her fingers on the boy. And he wasn't even pushing her away, and you were right freaking there!

"Gumita, is there something wrong?" You asked, worry lacing your wording. Gumita ignored you and kept her eyes on Tokonatsu.

"Toko, could you teach me how to launch properly?" Your eyebrow twitched, only Tokonatsu's close friends call him Toko! How dare she use that nickname when she barely knows him?!

"Eh? But I've seen you launch really good!" Tokonatsu chuckles, "Why would you need more practice?"

"I just really like your launching style, I only wanna learn from the best!" Gumita lazily chirped, earning reddened cheeks from Tokonatsu. Soon enough, the two began to converse, completely forgetting that you even existed.

It hurts man.

Kurenai Shu

I'm pretty sure that everyone agrees Shu is a chick magnet. His red eyes, white hair, polite, nice attitude, and his smooth voice are what every girl wanted. But even a guy like him gets stressed from all of the attention.

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