He's drunk

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Harry- Your boyfriend Harry of 3 years had went out partying and promised to be home by 12:45, it was now 3:12 am and you were pissed. He didn't even call or send a text saying hey I'm gonna be a little late, nope N O N E of that and it pissed you off. You finally heard the door click and a super drunk Harry walk in stumbling over himself. "Fuck, hey baby!" He slurred tripping and walking to you. "Don't fucking 'hey' me Styles." You said grabbing his waist and helping him take off his jacket then his shoes. "What did I do?" He said grabbing your shoulders and looking into your eyes. "Don't remember the 'yea I'll be back around 12' if you didn't know its actually 3:00 not 12!" You raised your voice at him. "Ok look I'm sorry, like super sorry but next time I'll be home early, now please don't stay mad at me, I just wanna cuddle with you please." He slurred out then pouted his lips after, you gently reached up and kissed his pouting lips. "Fine but only 'cause I can't say no to that fucking cute ass face of yours." You said gently taking him upstairs into bed to cuddle.

Zayn- Your boyfriend Zayn went out drinking with the boys to celebrate after they won their award and you stayed behind because you were pretty tired, you waited for Zayn to come home so you could help him get into bed, already knowing that he would be drunk. "Hey love!" You heard Zayn say as he tripped walking into the house. "Hey handsome, had a good night?" You said walking over to him so you could grab him and bring him to the room. "Yea, would've been better with you there though!" He said as he started to dance walk with you to the room. You got into the room and sat him at the edge. "Alright babe lift up your feet so I could take your shoes off and then your pants." You said to him, he obeyed and you tried to do it quick knowing that he was pretty sleepy. "Alright arms up and then you can go to bed ok?" You said to him as you removed his jacket and shirt so he was left in his Calvin Klein's. "Hey Y/n?" Zayn said as he opened his arms waiting for you to come to bed with him. "Yes love?" You told him and then getting into bed with him and laying your head on his chest. "Your the best girlfriend ever, you do all this for me when I'm stupid drunk." He said kissing your forehead. "Yea well you mean so much to me and your the best boyfriend." You said as you both started to fall asleep.

Louis- You and Louis had went out for dinner but then he got invited to the club with the lads and you allowed him to go only because he deserved it, when he came home he was super drunk and he wasn't easy when he was really drunk. "Hey Y/f/n long time no see!" He said as he walked to you and gave you a big hug. "Louis how drunk are you?" You giggled pulling him to the room. "Barely drunk! Let's get white girl wasted!" He yelled. "Shhh Louis your gonna wake the neighborhood!" You laughed. "Good! Let everyone know!" He said running to the window of your room. "We're getting White girl wasted and you can't stop us!" He yelled out. You finally got him in his boxers and he went to the bathroom to brush his teeth, you walked to him and smacked his ass. "Nice bum babe." You said laughing and walking out. "Did- You- D-Did You Just sma-smack my ass?" He said confused walking out and into bed with you after shutting off the lights. "Yes I did Louis Tomlinson deal with it." You said and with that he fell asleep.

Niall- "Guess what the fuck is up!" Niall yelled into the house as you both walked in. "Nialler no one is here but us." You said giggling and putting your keys down and removing your jacket and then Niall's. "Yea yea yea I think it went ohhhhhh na na na na!" Niall sang out, when Niall was drunk he seemed to always sing One Direction songs and you found it cute, you grabbed his hand and walked to the room. "Get undressed." You told him as you started changing. "Ohhh you want some of Nialler tonight huh?" He said getting undressed and staying in boxers. "Yea Niall that's what we're doing." You said rolling your eyes then laughing and getting into bed, Niall shortly coming in after. "Yea you give me a sec and we can-can get.." he yawned out and fell asleep, you laid your head on his chest and fell asleep after aswell.

Liam-Liam was at the club with the boys but you stayed home, you had your period and you knew the tiniest thing could make you go crazy. While you were home trying to kill time you went live on instagram. "Hey guys what's up!" You said as you already had 1,000 people watching and asking questions. "Where's Leeyum? Liam is out with the boys clubbing." You said answering a question. "How come I stayed home? Oh I have some bullshit problems with my body." You laughed out. You were on for about almost 2 hours and you heard the door shut indicating Liam had got home, you stayed in bed until he got upstairs. "Wassuh fucker!" He yelled falling on the edge of the bed. "Hey love lets get you to bed yea ?" You said getting off the bed to get Liam. "Fuck yea!buttt why don't I get you in bed instead yea?" Liam said and he pulled his shirt up. "No your drunk and I'm on live." You laughed taking his shoes off and then walking to the bathroom and started to run a shower for him. "Are you ?!" He said stumbling to the computer. "Hey guys! It's Liam Payne a-and I'm with the lovely Y/n and we're gonna start an interview right babe!." He said looking back at you. "Yea ok big boy let's get you undressed and showered." You said pulling him. "She means we're gonna fuck! Oops I mean duck! keep it GP!" Liam said trip walking over to you so you could help get him showered. "Liam it's PG not GP." You said laughing. When he got in the shower you quickly went back to the computer to end the live and take care of Liam for the night. "Sorry guys! Well I'm gonna go, I hope you had a blast watching drunk Liam." You said laughing and ending the live and then ending the night with a  child Superman like drunk Liam.

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