Tell me a bedtime story

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I watched as Bryan pressed a button on the remote, turning the tv off. The black tv screen flooded the entire room in darkness. I shifted restlessly on his lap, and turned my head towards his face, instinctively seeking him out for comfort in the dim light.

"What is it love, afraid that the scary twins will come for you." His mocking voice cut through the eerie silence.

"No." I lied.

Well, actually half lied. I wasnt afraid that the characters from the movie would come and get me, but the movie had filled me with that peculiar awfull dread which sometimes clings to you like a putrid perfume, a foul stench you just cant outrun no matter how hard you try. Its the sick feeling that forces you to constantly turn around and look behind as you walk outside all alone at night. The feeling that makes you wonder if that shadow actually moved, or if it was just a trick of the light. It was that weird feeling that you got in the pit of your stomach that made you get up from bed just to check if you actually remembered to lock the front door. It was the feeling that made you check and then re check again, because you just knew that something bad would happen if you didnt. It was a clingy feeling not easily shaken.

"Its just a movie, I know that... Im not five..." I added after a short pause, unsure if it was him or myself that I was trying to convince.

Damn! I am going to have nightmares again tonight.

He pulled me closer, his right hand joining his left around my waist. I leaned against him, my heart skipping several beats as his face came closer.

«Relax love. I promise to keep you safe from all of the other monsters lurking in the dark.» He whispered against my ear, his velvet voice gliding along my skin like a soft caress. «Even the onces hiding in here.» He removed his hand from my back, and tapped his index finger twice against the side of my head.

I pulled away from him, and stared into his eyes. He ment each and every word of his silly promise. He would keep me safe.

"Come, lets go to bed." He released me from his grip, and motioned for me to climb off his lap.

Heat warmed my face as the fact that I had willingly clung to him like a second skin throughout most of the movie finaly hit home. I pushed myself off of his lap, and almost fell over as I stumbled to regain by shaken balance, but his swift hand around my waist steadied me before I could land face first onto the floor.

"Carefull love." His voice slid around me from behind.

He trapped my hand in his own, and pulled me along the dim hallway, and into the bedroom. My heart thundered in my chest as I let go of his hand, and went into the bathroom to brush my teeth. I was all to aware of him, my mind stared to replay the all the times he had touched me, it replayed the way his body had melted into mine as he fu...

I blanched as my wide eyes met his knowing cinnamon ones in the mirror. He was standing right behind me. I hadnt heard him follow me in. My cheeks flared, flooding my pale face with color again as the realization hit me. He knew exactly just what I had been thinking about, what I had been longing for, how I crawed for him to take me again.

His warm hands slid around my waist as he caught me in arms, his head nestled itself in the crook of my neck. I let out a low gasp as his lips graced the sensitive skin right under my left ear.

«As much as I would just love to live up to that wicked picture playing around in your mind, I am sad to have to disappoint you love. We are only going to sleep tonight, nothing more.» His velvet voice vibrated against my skin, sending a single teasing shiver down my spine.

«But I will make no such promises for tomorrow, because I am a man, and there is a limit to my patience now that I have had the pleasure of tasting your sweet flesh.» His lewd promise was followed by his right hand trailing its way up over my chest, then slowly sliding up along my throat before it settled just below my jaw.

His thumb and index finger dug almost harshly into the soft skin on the edge of my jawbone as he forced my head to tilt back against him, exposing my vulnerable pulse to him. He nipped his way down the side of my neck, his teeth gently pulling at my exposed skin. I gaspet as his tongue darted out and eased its way along my thumping pulse. I closed my eyes, and gave myself over to the feeling of him against my back, against my skin, his alluring presence was driving me insane. I wanted him so much, I wanted him to... to...

He suddenly released me from his grasp, and I had to struggle to regain my balance as his solid wall fell away from my back. I opened my eyes and met his unreadable mask in the mirror for a brief second before he turned around and left me alone in the bathroom. I stared at the spot he had occupied for a solid minute before I shook my head, and started to brush my teeth.

I just couldnt seem to figure him out. The second I thought that I knew what to explect, he did something unexpected. He seemed to be able to read me like a book, but I was still no closer to unraveling the enigma that was Bryan.

I placed my toothbrush back next to his again, before I left the bathroom. His shoulder brushed against my own as he walked past me into the bathroom, his cold voice cut me as he delivered his harsh message before closing the door between us.

"Dont bother changing into a nightgown. I want you to strip naked, and wait for me in bed."

I spun around, my heart beating wildly in my chest, but his face was blocked by the door before I even got a chance to try and decipher the sudden change in his attitude.

What the hell was that about! First he tells me that he will wait with sex, that he will let me heal up a bit. The very next second he starts to paw at me, before he leaves me hanging. And now he suddenly decides to order me into bed, order me to just lay back and ready myself for him like some sort of prepaid whore. What the fuck is his deal!

I walked over to the dresser, and changed into a big oversized t-shirt, blatantly ignoring his lewd command to strip naked. I dropped my clothes down to the floor, not really caring that I was making a mess, heck I wanted to make a mess, I wanted to fuck with him. I strolled over to the chair against the far wall, and sat down, my eyes fixed to the big mahogany bed across the room. My every move was made to ire him, to show him that I wouldnt just lay down when commanded by him, I am not some goddamned puppy. I was my own creature, not something put on this earth just to satisfy him. I swallowed hard as I heard the water turn off in the other room. It felt like I was trying to poke a huge grizzly with a puny little stick. Damn I wish that I had something else than a tiny useless stick, I would need a big fucking ax against him. Fuck this is going to go so very, very wrong, so very, very fast! I dont care! I dont care! I will....

The sound of the bathroom door opening alerted me to his presense, and I turned my head towards him. I almost regretted my decition to go against him the very moment my eyes took in his hard form filling up the doorway. I would have liked to say that he looked pissed, but he didnt. He looked like a predator about to launch itself at its unassuming prey, he looked cold, calculated, dangerous.

"It looks to me like you have been a very naughty girl." His velvet voice drawled, his cold tones giving life to the goosebumps crawling across my tense flesh.

"I will give you one more chance to fall in line before I make you fall in line." My heart raced painfully in my chest as his harsh voice cut me.

"Strip, and crawl into that bed, now!"

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