They were mid-way to the institution when Bryce realized something was wrong. His eyebrows cocked up in surprise, eyes scanning his surroundings.

As they walked down the street, he noticed there was something odd occurring beyond his line of vision. The guards that were walking at a distance were pointing their weapons forward, walking cautiously and even signaling to each other periodically as if something was about to happen... as if they were waiting. That couldn't be good.

One thing Bryce knew for sure was that guards weren't going to act so cautious for a human unless the situation required it.

"Where are we going to meet up with Sarah and Mo?" Bryce asked.

"You're the one who talked to her," Noah reminded him, glancing around curiously. "Why?"

"No reason," Bryce replied honestly.

Noah turned to glance at Bryce, giving him a questioning glance. His eyes narrowed when he realized how on edge the demon seemed. "Is there something going on, Bryce?" he asked quietly. "You look ready to bolt, not to mention how the guards are all on guard and have their weapons pointed."

Bryce nodded, reaching back for his weapon from where it hung strapped across his back, taking it into his hand as well. He gripped it tightly, lifting it to face the path they were taking. Apparently, there was some sort of complication occurring around or within the school.

"I'm sure that we'll figure out soon enough," Bryce rumbled.

Noah nodded. He began opening his mouth to ask Bryce if he was still angry about Noah's slip-up the night before, yet kept it to himself when he realized that reminding him was probably unwise. Bryce probably visualized him as some horny teenager now instead of a serious hunter, which... okay, perhaps he deserved that for giving in to Sarah so easily; he should've been stronger-minded.

"I hope it's nothing serious," Noah replied, giving Bryce one last glance before focusing on the looming building as it came into view.


Noah's belief that something was wrong solidified when the demon soldiers hastily guided both Noah and Bryce towards the back entrance of the institution. It wasn't the fact that they were using that entrance, but the way in which they tried to rush them both in.

Several guards neared the edges of the wall and stalked the perimeter as if there would be an ambush occurring. He could feel the tension in the air. It was thick enough to cut with a knife.

"What the hell's going on?" Noah murmured.

"There's another crowd," Bryce replied, watching one of the demons talk into a communication device as he peeked over the side of the building and quickly signaled for them to enter.

Bryce pushed Noah inside, nodding to the soldier before closing the door behind him and sighing in relief. Then, he froze as he noticed a student passing by.

The man stopped, turning to glare at Noah turning the hallway.

"Was that a student?" Noah asked, clearly at a loss for words.

"I think it was," Bryce replied, tensing up.

Students meant that Noah would be in danger today and Bryce would be supervising a lot more closely, in case anything got out of hand. Students meant that the operation was finally proceeding as expected. Noah smiled softly, even if part of him was wary.

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