Chapter Three (Dragon's Breath)

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The carved oak doors flew inwards ripping off their hinges. The pain unbearable I screamed.

Standing there one minute and closing the distance between us the next I saw him. I couldn’t stop the screaming as he ripped the iron from my body and pulled me close looking me in the eye. Pained green meeting deathly ice blue.

“You are not the same woman I left behind, you are changed. “ He looked at me and laughed at the pain radiating from me. The intensity of his scrutiny an assault on every part of my being.

“You are the future.” he paused “how interesting.” He leaned in sniffing the air catching my scent.

"It is you! So...did I finally break you bitch.?”

My heart sank further the pain of memories flooding back. This man I knew all too well.  My King or Dragon’s  breath I knew not which I wanted him to be.

Yet there in his true form he was magnificent long dark black hair richly cast with silver falling down his back. A wild thing untamed. His almost 7 ft height frightening as he towered over me. I remembered every line of his face, every scar a precious memory.

My eye’s traced his lips down his strong jaw peppered with stubble aching to rub my cheek against it. The strong arms I’d  held when they were weak. A feast for the eyes but torture for my heart.

I summoned up what was left of my strength to stare back at him directly, dying inside as I said,
“In every time you break me, whether by love or hate it is up to you and when you cease to kill me and tear my soul apart it starts all over again. “ Tears running down my face despite my resolve not to show weakness.

His hand circled my throat pulling me closer. I dared not even breathe then I couldn’t as he tightened his grip until darkness consumed me again. As light faded I prayed to every God not to wake up.  Not again not like this. Not in this time so soon after when he had lost his way in my time. I couldn’t do this again.

Why is it we float semi conscious our mind’s recording even though we fear or refuse the reality we find ourselves in.

It was as if he sensed the moment I came back because he never shut up as much as I wanted blissful silence.
“Your body is scared and broken and you are evolved,  if that can be called evolved. “ he laughed

I opened my eyes staring into his as his lips were mere inches from my face. His nose in my hair like a very dangerous cat who just found it’s  favourite toy. “mmm.” He leaned closer lips barely grazing mine. “Tell me, My Queen what year are you from,  on what world, in what Galaxy?" I breathed deeply trying to steady my breath and decided that I’d  had enough of this assholes demands in any time, on any planet, in any Galaxy!  There needed to be some new rules where his arrogance stopped ruling our lives. I blinked rapidly steeling myself for what was next.

I closed the distance my lips claiming his in an aggressive play to throw him off the questions that were too dangerous to answer.  Slowly rubbing my cheek on his like a purring cat. In anytime I couldn’t escape the truth. Or the flood of memories that overwhelm and pull me into every kiss in every lifetime revisited whenever our lips touch.

I don’t care what war rages, he was mine right down to my bones. His gasp told me everything and yet it was bitter. He delved deeper into the kiss taking and giving just as I took what I needed and gave back. Slowly circling my tongue around his pulling it deeper into my mouth, drinking in the taste of him.

His arms crushing me to him and I surrendered to it and fought it equally because as much as I wanted to wipe the floor with him for the millions of ways he’s  hurt me, I also needed him in whatever evolution he was in. On any planet, in any way I could get close to him, he was the missing pieces that made everything right. In the moment it was enough passion and love and anger to fuel a thousand suns.

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