The time has come

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Raven came to see each one of them and berated them about their stupidity and got angry at everyone because she couldn't be there with them. After all she was almost 19, if she committed a crime, the floating chamber was all that awaited her so she had to accept that all of her friends and her boyfriend were trapped in this place and as far as she knew some of the kids in there were going to Earth, though she didn't know who much less that all of them were going. No one wanted to tell her for different reasons. Wells and Charlotte because he didn't want her to do anything stupid and Clarke and Murphy because they wanted her to do one stupid thing and that was to follow them.

Her parents also started making more visits and Clarke suspected it was because of the approaching day of their trip and their fear and worry of never seeing her again one way or another. Each time she had to convince them that she was fine with it and was actually looking forward to it, of course they couldn't understand why at first but they always knew how much their daughter used to dream and draw about Earth so then they understood why she was excited. There was a chance it could work, a chance for them to see and live on their planet again so they nodded getting her and what she meant.

Time passed but it wasn't two weeks after that meeting with her parents that the same guard come to fetch her once again, she went willingly as usual only this time she could see that Murphy was coming along as well so there was only one person she could think of that would like to talk to both of them together like this and it was Kane and by the look Murphy was giving her, he figured it out too. And when the door opened and they were ushered in, there he was with a smile on his face. The guards removed the handcuffs and Clarke quickly went to hug the man while they left closing the door.

"I'm so glad to see you." She said and he smiled hugging her tightly as well. "Me too. I'm sorry I couldn't come to visit you anytime sooner, there was just too much to do with the preparations for the trip and making sure that everything went a s we planned." He pulled back and turning and extending his hand to the boy who shook it. "Hey, old man. It's cool, we get it." He said and Kane shook his head at the nickname he had received from him before motioned for them to sit down. "Don't worry, the cameras are disabled, courtesy of Raven and there are no bugs in here so we can talk freely." He said and the two teens nodded. "So you already know about the mission to go to Earth, I assume." He said and they nodded.

"Wells told us as soon as he arrived here and my parents came to visit me a few days ago very disturbed by the news. Thank you by the way for stopping them from getting us out of the mission. It would have been bad if they had done it. I need to get down there with the 100." She said and he nodded. "This whole do over thing we are experiencing, this second chance we have rests all upon you to make it work the way it is supposed to be, Clarke. You're the only one who can do this, the rest of us are only here to help you but it is your mission. It's a huge amount of responsibility but you wouldn't be here if Becca didn't believe you could do it." He said and she smiled.

"Thanks Kane. That means a lot but let's get down to business, what can you tell us about the trip? Will it be the same as it was before or are there any changes?" she asked and he nodded taking a deep breath before starting. "Things are going the same way they did before, of course with the difference that your father is alive and still in the Council, he seems to have given up on the idea of speaking out about the failure to the people which is good for him and your family. Jaha is angry that Wells is going but he can do nothing about it and your mother is finalizing overseeing the bracelets." He said and she nodded.

"What about Bellamy? Did you do as I said?" she asked and Murphy interrupted curious since he didn't know anything about Bellamy. "What was the deal with Bellamy?" he asked curios and Clarke remembered that he had been banished before they found out the truth about the guy's past actions and so she turned to him. "In the other timeline, Bellamy was approached by Shumway to shoot Jaha in exchange for a way to get in the dropship for Octavia. He did it obviously and that is what prompted him to try and get the wristbands off. My mom, of course, saves our Chancellor with Kane here almost killing her for it." She said as she looked at the older man.

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