X's and O's (Mark)

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You smiled fondly at your apartment.  Everything from the lighting down to the furniture was exactly how you wanted it.  But even more, you were in LA, chasing your dream.  You had always wanted to write songs for famous artists, and now here you were in America with the Pacific Ocean separating you from home.

Your younger brother Renjun was in the Kpop boy group NCT, so he was back in Korea, training and promoting.  You threw on some clothes to go out along with a little makeup.  The weather here was much hotter than what you were used to in Seoul, but you knew you'd adjust after a few days.  This was the perfect place to continue pursuing a career in music.  

Grabbing your purse, you slipped out the door to go buy some groceries.  There was nothing in your fridge, and you knew living off junk food wasn't going to cut it.  As you walked down the street, you noticed a huge crowd gathering at the convention center right next to the grocery store.  Naturally, you wanted to know what was going on and joined the crowd, standing on your tippy toes to get a look.

You wiggled your way to the front and gasped in surprise.  "Renjun!"

"Noona!" your little brother cheered.  The security cocked their heads, not sure what to make of you, but once Renjun explained that you were his sister, they were more than happy to let you meet the group.

"Noona, what are you doing here?  I didn't want to contact you and distract you, but you still found me!" Renjun hugged you.

You shook your head.  "You're lucky I was passing by to get groceries.  So, are you going to introduce me to your group?"

Renjun flashed his signature toothy grin.  "Of course, noona!  This is Jaemin, Jeno, Haechan, Chenle, Jisung, and last of all, Mark!  Mark is the oldest, and Jisung is the youngest."


You looked at him, surprised at how well he had grown up.  Just a year ago, he had looked so immature.  He didn't seem capable of anything back then, let alone being in charge of a whole group.  

"Why do you have that look on your face, noona?  Do you know him, or something?" Renjun whispered in your ear.

Mark smirked, turning his head and waving to the fans.  He had taken note of how beautiful you had become.  You were already beautiful to begin with, but now you were the most breathtaking girl he had ever seen.  You had broken up with him because you needed to focus on your musical career and the fact that you were relocating and starting up your new life in LA.  You didn't want to continue something that didn't seem like it was going to work out.  It was better that you just ended it cleanly even though it hurt.

You scribbled down your address on a sticky note and handed it to your brother.  "Come to my place when you're done here.  I'll treat you to dinner."  You snuck one more glance at Mark, wanting to say something, but you didn't have the heart to.  The fangirls waiting to meet their favorite dorks shoved you, saying mean words to you.

"Stop trying to seduce them.  You're a no one," one girl said.

You froze in your tracks, and Mark watched, amused.  You laughed, throwing the girl off.

"This no one is Huang Renjun's older sister.  I would watch what you say if you want my approval to even talk to my little brother or the rest of his crew for that matter," you winked.  After that, they cleared a path for you.  All that drama just to get some groceries.

Renjun and the rest of NCT Dream came over like you had told them too, and they helped themselves to the dinner you prepared.  It wasn't anything fancy, just some kimchi fried rice and scrambled eggs.

"Wow, your food was great," Jaemin gave you a thumbs up.

"In other words, they mean we'll be crashing your place more often when we're here," Renjun laughed.  "Alright, noona.  We'd better leave and sleep since we're shooting part of our MV tomorrow."

Mark smiled.  "You guys go on without me.  I know how to get back to the hotel.  I want to ask Y/N more about her music career and maybe give her some tips."

Renjun nodded slowly.  "Alright then.  We'll see you later, then."

Mark waited for them to leave before facing you.  "It's been a while."

"It has."

"You've changed.  I mean, in a good way," Mark corrected himself.  "You're definitely prettier, and you just seem very sure of yourself.  Your confidence is really something," he backed you up into the kitchen counter.

"You've changed, t-too," you stammered, nervous all of a sudden.  "I'm sorry about the way I ended things.  I didn't mean to cut you off completely and just leave like I did.  I was just really serious about my career, and I didn't want anything to get in the way."

"I understand that," Mark said.  "But, please just let me do this."  

He leaned forward, kissing you.  His lean arms wrapped around your waist, pulling you into him.  Your bodies were pressed together, and your eyes were still wide open in shock.  You had kissed Mark before, back when you were dating, but this wasn't the same feeling you had experienced back then.  Your lips tingled against his, and you didn't want the moment to end.  

You led him to the sofa, letting him cage you in his arms and continue kissing you.  Your swollen lips placed pecks all over his face, and your fingers found their way to his fluffy, brown locks.

"I missed you," Mark exhaled, out of breath.

"Me too.  You know, if I could take the risk and move here, then I know I can do anything.  I want to take another risk."

"What's that?" Mark grinned.

"I want to date you again.  You were the only idiot who could make me laugh more than my brother.  I don't care if it's long distance.  Just knowing that you're out there in the world, chasing your dreams alongside me is enough."

Mark rubbed circles onto your arm with his thumb.  "Whoa, that was deep.  You know, I think this is a risk worth taking.  I don't like the idea of letting you go again."


A/N: Thanks @mercilesslymark for requesting this!  You guys know how much I love Mark, so this was so fun to write!  I honestly pictured this scenario in my head while writing it, and I imagined a whole Kdrama lol!

Question of the imagine: It's Jaemin's birthday!!!  My favorite Jaemin moment was when part of NCT Dream and Lucas filmed a V-live outside, and Lucas went "Who is Nana?  OH YOU ARE NANA???!!!"  What's your favorite Jaemin moment???

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