Snow Falling-Jon Snow x Reader

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Jon breathed in then out as he tried to focus on the target ahead of him. He couldn't lose this bet, especially to a girl. All the pressure was on him as Y/N stood to his side with her own gear ready for her turn and his brothers on the sidelines watching, most likely going to laugh at him if he fails.

He finally released and the arrow hit the bullseye. He sighed with relief and walked to put the gear up as his brothers were cheering him on.

"It isn't over just yet, Snow." Y/N called after him. "Come back and watch your failure." She smirked as her eyebrows went up playfully.

"Oh come on, you can't beat that, L/N!" He yelled back.

"Watch me." She said as she pulled back on the bow to hit the same target.

Jon shook his head and humored her by watching, standing next to Robb. She did the same breathing and released. Jon's head snapped to the target to keep up with the arrow's location. It cut his arrow in half, letting hers take the spot of being on the bullseye.

His brothers oohed and laughed. "Got showed off, didn't you Jon?" Robb asked. He patted him on the back as Jon stared at the arrow.

"Robb! Bran! Rickon!" Catelyn yelled, "Your father and I need you for a moment!"

The brothers left, giving Jon a hard time on their way out. Y/N was cleaning up after herself, putting her equipment in its places. When she was taking the arrows out of the target, Jon snapped out of his state of shock. "How? Who taught you that?" He breathed.

"My father." She yanked her arrow out first. "So...I guess I won." She smiled over her shoulder at him and he felt a throb in his chest.

"I-I guess you did." He looked down and bent down to clean the shattered remains of his arrow. "I got it, don't worry about cleaning mine up."

"Okay, if you're sure." Y/N started to walk away.

Jon stood back up, "I hope I will see you again, Y/N."

She turned her head in his direction. Confused about him using her first name. "I will make sure we do, Jon." She smiled a genuine, kind smile at him and turned back around to walk away.

After she was long gone Jon saw white specks in the air.

"Look! Snows falling, huh Jon."

Jon looked up to see Robb on the balcony looking down at him. "How long were you up there?" He hoped that he didn't see any of that.

"It was long enough to see that the interaction with Y/N was more than joking friends." He laughed.

Jon sighed, embarrassed."Don't tell anyone. Especially the girls!" He whispered-yelled up at him. He wouldn't hear the end of teasing from Arya and girl advice from Sansa.

"I promise I won't." He started to walk away then came back into view of Jon, "By the way, Jon, you might want to put on a coat or something. You are turning quite red." He chuckled.

Jon grabbed the first soft thing he could find and threw it up at him. Robb threw it back laughing then left the balcony, leaving Jon to be freezing and warm at the same time outside.

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