Chapter Eight

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Wren spent the night in the boys' room, even though it was against school rules. Duncan slept on the floor and Wren slept in his bed. When they woke up for classes each of them were quite scared to go to drama. They didn't want to get in trouble so they went anyways. Sammy and Duncan got into their uniforms after Wren left to go get dressed in her own room and they met up at the basement door. Wren grabbed Duncan's hand and the three of them entered the basement, each of their hearts beating in their stomachs. They immediately saw Miss Drake glaring at them.

"I think she remembers last night." Wren whispers to Duncan and he nods as the three take their seats.

"Alright class, today we're just going to he rehearsing. The first scene is with Lucy and Arthur so Duncan and Wren come up here please." Miss Drake says. Wren takes a deep breath.

"Hey, it's okay. She can't do anything while all of the other students are watching." Duncan whispers and he and Wren step up on the stage. Miss Drake hands them the script and shows them which scene they were rehearsing.

"Now, while you two go over that I would like to speak to Mr. Frost in private." Miss Drake says and Wren gives Duncan a worried glance. Sammy jumps at his name and looks at Duncan with a worried look as well.

Sammy gets up from his seat and Miss Drake leads him out of the basement and into a small room that used to he the old janitors closet. Miss Drake flipped on the light and told Sammy to take a seat in a wooden chair against the far wall. Sammy had to keep himself from kicking Miss Drake in the shin and running away. Sammy sat in the chair and looked up at his teacher.

"Alright, I need you to tell me everything you saw last night." Miss Drake says

"I have no idea what you are talking about." Sammy says, trying to hide the fear in his voice.

"You know exactly what I'm talking about. You and your little buddy, Duncan, ran out carrying the banshee before I could stop you." Miss Drake says

"Banshee? Are you talking about Wren?" Sammy asks

"Yeah her, but anyways tell me every you saw." Miss Drake says through gritted teeth.

"You didn't say Simon Says." Sammy says, trying his best to stall.

All the sudden, before Sammy could blink Miss Drake was standing in front of him with his neck in her hand.

"Listen to me you little twat, if you say a word to anyone about whatever you and your little friends saw, so help me I will pull you apart limb by limb just like little Jared King. Don't tell anyone about this little talk understand?" Miss Drake threatened, Sammy nodded. She squoze his neck tightly, leaving a bruise, before leaving the room. Sammy then started to weep. He had never been that scared in his life, he just wanted to curl up in a ball. His breath was heavy and he cried.

Sammy made himself calm down before joining his drama class once again. He immediately saw Duncan and Wren run up to him.

"What happened in there?" Wren asks

"Dude, what'd she do to your neck?" Duncan asks, noticing the purple bruise that had already started forming.

"Nothing, don't worry about it." Sammy says and pushes past his friends who just followed him.

"Something happened, we aren't idiots." Wren says

"Nothing happened alright?! I'm just a bit knackered!" Sammy yelled and sat in his seat with his arms folded.

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