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Fuck that was too close

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Fuck that was too close. All I wanted to do was ask her name but she was too quick even for being that drunk. I thought about knocking on her door but that was weird of me. I hung my head low as I made my way back to the lame party. My sweaty forehead still felt as if she right here with me. She was beautiful, maybe the most beautiful woman I've ever seen.

"Wage!" Tiffany screeched from the couch.

Tiffany was so smashed, her makeup was smeared clear across her face, messy hair and now a blue stained dress. She stumbled to me, falling into a hug, smelling like strong liquor and marijuana. I wrinkled my nose as I peeled her away from me. I am absolutely shocked that she didn't come confront me while I was dancing with that girl.

That reminded me, I needed to find Macy and figure out her damn name.

"I lurvvveee youu." She slurred.

"Hey, how about you go sit back down on the couch and wait for me. I need to go find someone really quick."

All she was doing was smiling, I hated when she did this shit. I spun her around and pointed to the couch, off she went. Rolling my eyes, I was off to find Macy.

People were throwing me all around, telling me she was here than there. I was growing irritated and impatient, I needed a damn smoke. I made my way through all the people in the kitchen to the patio out back.


The only person back here was Macy. Smoke was covering the entire area, she was smoking like a chimney. She was a wreck though. She had way too much to drink and whatever drug she was taking was causing her to crash hard.

"Can I...join you?" I tiptoed over, not wanting to scare her.

Her head instantly shot up and she nodded. Her makeup was smeared all down her cheeks and her dress was ripped on her right shoulder. This should be interesting.

I lit my cigarette when a different kind of smell hit my nose. That's why everything back here was so smoky, she was smoking a joint.

"Macy right?"

I had only met her a handful of times and I knew exactly who she was but I wasn't sure on how to start the conversation with an incapacitated stranger.


I almost felt bad about how excited she got over someone giving her attention, but I didn't want to give my attention to her.

"I don't think we've officially met yet." She inched in closer to me causing me to grow uncomfortable quick.

"I'm Wage and I brought Tiffany." She stopped, looking down into her lap, humiliated. "I know what it always looks like but we've been friends for a long time and I'm sort of her babysitter." I tried easing her embarrassment but it backfired on me. She started inching closer again, her leg touching mine.

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