Romano x Pregnant! Reader Happy Father's Day! :RQ:

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"Happy fathers day Daddy~!" Anna said to her adopted father, Russia
" Spasibo Anna" Russia said smiling and hugging her

You smiled at the small family. You looked at your boyfriend, Romano, and smiled. You were pregnante but hadent told him yet. You were honestly waiting for today to happen, so you can tell him. 

"Hey Lovi, come here for a sec" you said as you held out your hand
" Sure-a" he said as he stood and took your hand, blushing a bit

You led him outside on the portch and smiled. You took both his hands in yours and looked into his brown orbs with your own (e/c) orbs

" Lovi, I want you to know that i love you, and that......your going to be a daddy" you said 
" I love you- WHAT?!" Romano said as his blush got bigger and eyes went wide as big as baseballs
" Im pregnant Lovi! We are having a baby!" you exclaimed excitedly
"R-really!? (Name) this-a isnt any joke-a?!"
"I wouldnt joke about haveing a family Lovi!" you smiled

He smiled and hugged you tightly. You smiled and hugged back, taking in his scent of tomatoes and pizza. You looked into his brown eyes and smiled. He smiled back and gently kissed you on the lips. Then you witnessed womething you wouldnt forget in all your lifespan (well concidering your a country in this story, you wont forget it at all for years and years to come XD) Lovi released you, ran back inside and yelled at the top of his lungs,


Everyone looked at him with utter shock on their faces. Even you had a bit of shock on yours, since you never thought Lovi would do that. Feli ran to him and bear hugged him.

" Yeah Lovi, congrats to you and chica (Name)" Spain said as he patted Lovi on the back

Prussia ran outside and glomped you. You laughed and hugged him back. Prussia looked up and smiled. You smiled back.

"Congrats Fraü, btw can u be the godvatti?" he asked as Gilbird chirped excitedly on his head
"We'll see Gil, we'll see" you giggled

--------9 months later---------

You sat in the hospital bed, with your new born daughter. You looked up at Lovi and smiled. He smiled back at you and kissed your sweety forhead. Feli came over to the both of you and smiled at his niece.

"Ve-! (Name) she looks like you and Fratello~!" he said and smiled
" Si she does" you and Lovi said in a unision

~Time skip by Gilbird~

You were walking down the isle, with Gilbert. At the front of the church was Lovi and (Daughters Name), smiling to their hearts content. When you got there, you thanked Gilbert and went to Lovi and your daughter. You grabed both their hands and looked at the priest.

"Dearly beloved, we gather here today to join Romano Vargas and (Name) (Last Name). Now Romano, do you take (Name) to be your lawfully wedded wife, to love and to hold, in sickness and in health, and death do you part?"
"Si..I do"
"(Name) do you take Romano your lawfully wedded husband, to love and to hold, in sickness and in health, and death do you part?"
" Yes i do"
"Out the rings on and you may kiss your bride"

You put each others rings on and Lovi grabbed your face and kissed you passionatly. You kissed him back and lifted (Daughters Name) into your arms and Lovi did the same to you but bridal style. You and (daughters name) giggled and the three of you descended down the isle, as everyone cheered,clapped, or woof whistled. 

You were happy with your new family.