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Jack's Pov

Our flight is about to land and Paige is still fast asleep. I look down to my lap and take in her features.

Her brown hair is loose behind her neck and a few strands are draped over her face.
Her eyes are closed hiding her big brown orbs that i love staring into.
Her one hand is tucked inder her head and the other arm is wrapped around her side. A small smile shows on her her lips. She looks peaceful.
She looks beautiful. Well she is beautiful.

I take my hand and lightly shake her arm to wake her up, but no response. I shake her again, this time a little harder.

Her eyes slowly open and she lifts her head up a bit and looked around. She looks up at me and smiles.

"Hey" she said in a sleepy voice which i find adorable.
"hey" i say back "We're gonna land soon"

"okay babe thanks" she says then sits all the way up and grabs her backpack from under the seat infront of us.

She sounded so cute when she called me babe. god i love her. I seriously think everything she does is cute.


Once we get off the plane we head down to baggage claim to get are bags and hopefully we can get them quickly.

We all walk to the elevators and pile into one. All of us get off the elevator on the 1st floor and make a right to find our bags already off the ramp and our driver already there.

I grab my bags and follow everyone out of the doors of the airport.

Damn its hot out.

I jump into our black SUVs and take a seat next to Paige and put my arm around her and pull her close.

She leans into my shoulder and closes her eyes. She must be tired.
Out of the corner of my eye I see Matt staring. I feel bad, I do. But he fucked up.

I turn my head and glance outside then i go to turn it back to Paige but stop.

Did i just see that up ahead?! I shoot my head to look back out the window. I was correct.

A little up ahead stood Austin, eyes glued to our van. As we pass his eyes remain on the van and a smile grows on his face.

Oh great. This fucker.

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