Chapter 8

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Chapter 8: Morningstar, Leader of the Dark Forest

"W-who are you?" Celestial asked, getting up, his fur bristled. The reddish colored tom took a step forward, "That is not important, what is is that you li-" "Stand down, Nathaniel." said the she-cat, flicking his ear to the tom.

Nathaniel nodded, sitting down, his grey eyes piercing Celestial's golden ones. "Celestial, we saw what happened with Ariel. We're here to help you." the calico purred.

Celestial felt worry form in his chest, "W-what do you mean? Who are you?" he asked in shaky mew. "I'm Morningstar, and this is my second in command, Nathaniel." Morningstar mewed to him.

"Nathaniel? Where have I heard that name from?"

"So? Will you let us help you?"

"Wait- how do you see me?" Celestial asked, his eyes narrowed. Morningstar flicked her ear, "We're spirits too, only Nathaniel here is a former Starstepper." she replied.

Celestial's eyes widen, Cheetahstar's voice echoing in his mind, "Nathaniel is the Angel of Fire, but he left us for the Dark Forest. They're horrible cats who don't deserve a place in Starclan, and felt to a horrible place as punishment. Celestial, promise me, that if you meet a cat from there, you don't listen to them."

Celestial narrowed his eyes, his claws unsheathing. "You're Dark Forest cats!" he growled, his fur bristled, making him bigger.

Nathaniel took a step forward, his own fur bushed, his grey eyes narrowed at Celestial, hissing loudly.

Morningstar put her front paw on Nathaniel's back, making him look at her, slowly nodding, sitting back up.

Morningstar looked to Celestial once more, "It's true, we are Dark Forest cats. I'm one of the leaders, Weaslestar and Ivystar would have came with me, but they had more important business to do. Celestial, what I say, is not trick, but the honest to Starclan truth: Ariel and the others are using you and the others-" "Yeah right."

Morningstar glared at him, the fur on his shoulders bristled a bit, her cold yellow eyes narrowed at him. "Don't. Talk back to me." she warned him.

Celestial shivered, the glare from the she-cat was intimidating, but while looking into her eyes, he noticed something. Her eyes were a bit clouded. Worry? Sadness? Fear? Celestial couldn't tell.

What the white tom did know however, was the angry eyes of Nathaniel burning into his pelt.

The grey harsh glare came from the tom, making Celestial feel small under the giant tom.

Pawsteps came behind Celestial, making him turn, there stood Fawnstar and Forfax, both toms narrow their eyes at the Dark Forest cats.

"Morningstar, what are you doing here?" Forfax asked, his tail flicking. The calico looked to them, "I was just out on a walk with Nathaniel, Forfax, we heard the arguing between this little white fur ball and that Foxheart, Ariel." Morningstar said, smirking a bit.

Celestial's ears folded back, "Don't call me a fur ball!" he growled, jumping up, claws unsheathed.

Nathaniel crashed into the Starstepper, his claws out and slashed onto Celestial's flank, large gashes now being left.

Celestial let out a wail, trying to get the giant red tom off of him, scratching and flailing under him. One claw jabbed Nathaniel in he eye, making the tom jump back yowling wildly. He closed his injured eye, blood seeping from him, he gritted his teeth, stepping forward to the smaller tom.

Celestial panted, scared out of his mind. Forfax leaped at Nathaniel, while Fawnstar helped Celestial up to his paws. The Russian tom turn, growling, "Dat is enough!" he yowled.

Everyone turned to them, "Celestial, come vith me for a secon'." he said, he didn't hold anger, but instead held concern. Celestial came over, looking up at the feminine tom with pain. The tom rolled his tongue over Celestial's ear in a comforting manner.

"It's okay, Ztarblossom, Ariel gets madz easily." he said, putting his paw around the smaller tom's, pulling him close.

Celestial smiled and purred a bit, giving Fawnstar a nod of understanding. The fawn colored tom let go, and looked to Nathaniel and Morningstar, "I hope ve don'tz run into vach other againz." he said, before motioning for Forfax and Celestial to follow him.

Forfax nodded, looking over his shoulder to Nathaniel, "I hope you find your true place, Nathaniel, you were a good friend of ours, now look." he sighed, before turning back and padding after Fawnstar and Celestial.

Fawnstar looked to Celestial, his pelt was scratches and cut from Nathaniel, and the scratch from Ariel was still bleeding a bit. The feminine tom nodded to something, before motioning for Forfax to stay.

"Celestial, come vith me." said the Russian tom, leading Celestial down another path. Celestial followed, not wanting to get in more trouble. Finally, he heard Fawnstar stop, he looked up, his golden eyes falling onto a large, beautiful lake.

He gasped, it looked beautiful this time of night. Suddenly, he thought of what Starlight told him about Dovefeather and Batwing. This was the place Batwing asked Dovefeather, most likely this very spot too.

Fawnstar looked to Celestial, "Sit down. I want to talk vith chu." he said. Celestial came over, sitting next to the tom. Fawnstar took a deep breath and sighed, "Vhat all didz she tellz chu?" he asked, looking to the white tom.

"All she said was that Starclan was just using me, I don't believe it though." Celestial answered.

Fawnstar nodded, hearing that, "Celestial, please know ve aren't using chu, Cheetahstar may act like it, vut... you must understand. She didn'tz have dah best life. Neither didz Ariel." he told him. Celestial looked to him confused, "What do you mean? I thought Ariel was born a Starstepper?" he asked.

Fawnstar nodded, "She vas, but Starclan vas under attack when she vas forming. A few Dark Fovest cats found where she was forming, alongz vith a few more. Evevyone knows dat chu don't disvupt a Starstepper's forming. Vut, they didz, killed all vut one of Ariel's siblings, and left her be."

Celestial looked down, "Why doesn't she want me to stay?" "Celestial, Ariel's bvother stayed down herez, he stayed vor so longz, he became trapped here. She doesn'tz vant it to happen to another." Fawnstar explained.

Celestial nodded, looking down at his paws. "Fawnstar... there, by chance, a new pale grey tom and a black tom with a silver spot over his eye?" Celestial asked him, looking to the tom.

"Yes, there iz, Dovefeader and Vatving." Fawnstar answered him. Celestial smiled, looking up, "They made it there." he thought.

"Come ons, let's headz vack to Starclan." Fawnstar said, getting up. Celestial followed after him, smiling a bit, now knowing he could ask more about Dovefeather and Batwing.

Once at the Moonpool, Celestial looked at the water. He frowned and looked to Fawnstar, "Fawnstar?" "Ves, Celestial?" "I-is it okay if I stay here every once and a while?" "Vut of course, Ztarblossom." he mewed.

Celestial smiled, and looked to Thunderclan's direction, knowing now, he could return. "Vut, on vne condition." "Yes?" "Chu must wait a moon between visits. Vut, if vt's urgent, chu can skip dah pauze." Fawnstar said.

Celestial nodded in understanding, "Thank you, Fawnstar." he mewed, before slipping into the water.

Chapter 8, now for Chapter 9! The next chapter will be in Cherrypaw P.O.V, in Thunderclan.

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