Chapter Seven

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The boys successfully made it back to their room with Duncan still carrying Wren while she wept and clung to his neck. Sammy opened the door for Duncan and Duncan rushed inside and put Wren down on his bed while Sammy locked their door.

"Does anyone want to explain what in bloody hell happened out there?" Sammy yells and runs his hand through his hair.

"Sh-She was eating a cat." Wren stuttered.

"What?" Duncan asks

"Th-There was blood everywhere. She ate that poor cat." Wren mumbles. "And where were you two? You left me! I could've died!"

Wren started bawling again.

"We tried, we couldn't get through! I'm sorry." Duncan says and sits down beside her.

"What do you mean you couldn't get through? I got through." Wren asks

"The wall was solid." Sammy mumbles

"Then how'd you get in after I fell? You were there when Miss Drake was screaming." Wren says

"The wall kind of turned a shade of purple and we heard you screaming so we just ran through it." Duncan says

"And how did I hurt Miss Drake? She just randomly started screaming and holding her ears." Wren says and wipes the tears from her cheeks.

"And why was she eating a cat? That's not normal!" Sammy yells

"I saw something else too." Wren mumbles.

"What was it?" Duncan asks her

"I saw her teeth. Her teeth were sharp, all of them." Wren says

"What like some sort of vampire?" Sammy asks

"I don't know, if she's a vampire then her teeth are really screwed up. All of her teeth were sharp, not just two of them." Wren says

"...Is our teacher a vampire?" Duncan asks

"No way, vampires are a myth." Sammy says

"Don't you think it's weird that the night after we become part of the lead cast members of the Dracula play, we see our drama teacher who is also portraying as Dracula eating a cat?" Wren asks

Sammy paces around the room chewing on his fingernails.

Duncan suddenly gasps and looks at Wren. "'re playing as Lucy correct?"

Wren nods. "So?"

"Lucy is Dracula's first victim in the novel." Duncan mumbles. "What if Miss Drake plans on actually making you her prey?"

"No, no she wouldn't do that. It's one thing to eat a cat but another thing to eat a human." Wren says

"Oh my god. Guys, I just remembered something." Sammy suddenly starts digging through his belongings.

"What's wrong?" Duncan asks and stands up off the bed.

"About two years ago I had a friend that went to this school, his name was Jared King." Sammy says and continues to search his bags. "Miss Drake despised of him. She'd always give him detention for no reason and she'd yell at him about the smallest things."

Sammy then pulls a poloroid photo out of his backpack and hands it to Duncan. It was a photo of two boys in a play. One boy was obviously Sammy and the other wore a striped muscle shirt and it was a boy Duncan had never seen before.

"What happened to him?" Wren asks

"Well, one day Miss Drake gave Jared detention for saying the wrong lines and that night after classes he left to go to detention and I never saw him again." Sammy says. "He's still considered a missing person."

"Did the cops ask Miss Drake about him?" Duncan asks

"Yeah get this, she says he never showed up to detention but I know for a fact he did because at the time we were aloud to have cellphones after classes and Jared was texting me and sending pictures of him in the basement with Miss Drake." Sammy says

"Do you think Miss Drake did something to him?" Wren asks

"I'm almost certain of it." Sammy says

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